ARCC Russian Film Studies Screenings 2020 at Sands Films Studio


ARCC continues its series of Russian-speaking films rarely or never seen in the UK. These films will be introduced from a transcultural perspective. Members and audiences are encouraged to move away from revivalist narratives of origin, nation, and belonging and to reflect critically on vicissitudes of history and art in Russian-speaking space – both inside and outside Russia.

ARCC Russian Film Studies Screening

These screenings emphasise interconnectedness and complexity of experiences that shape individual and collective imaginaries and the importance of a continuous scholarly and artistic dialogue.

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ARCC Russian Film Studies Screenings

6pm| £6 + booking fee

Directed by Kantemir Balagov (2019) |130 mins

In post-WWII Leningrad, two women, Iya and Masha intensely bonded after fighting side by side as anti-aircraft gunners, attempt to readjust to a haunted world. As the film begins, Iya, long and slender and towering over everyone—hence the film’s title—works as a nurse in a shell-shocked hospital, presiding over traumatized soldiers.

A shocking accident brings them closer and also seals their fates. The 28-year-old Russian director Kantemir Balagov won Un Certain Regard’s Best Director prize at Cannes Film Festival for this richly burnished, occasionally harrowing rendering of the persistent scars of war.

6pm| £6 + booking fee

Directed by Aleksei Balabanov (1991)| 86 mins

The story begins when a young man with a head injury is released from the hospital and begins searching modern-day St. Petersburg for a room or a place to stay.

6pm| £6 + booking fee per session

n her 20 years of filmmaking Aliona van der Horst (born in in Russia, raised in the Netherlands) has received multiple international awards for her films, which are screened at film festivals around the world. Because of her personal, poetic and cinematic vision, her films are profoundly compelling and touching. Her most recent film, Love is Potatoes, won a number of awards, including the Golden Calf Award (Dutch Oscar) in 2018.

Her films revolve around the question of how ordinary people’s lives are shaped by historical events.  By zooming in to a very intimate level she tells a universal story full of compassion.  Most of her work deals with Russia, a country with which she has a love/hate relationship. Retrospectives of her work were held in Barcelona, Kiev and Belgrade. She is a member of the Documentary branch of AMPAS. 


  • 2017 LOVE IS POTATOES (90’)
  • 2013 15 ATTEMPTS (50’)
  • 2011 WATER CHILDREN (75’)
  • 2008 BORIS RYZHY (59’) 
  • 2006 VOICES OF BAM (89’)
  • 2001 AFTER THE SPRING OF ’68 (58’)

6 + booking fee per session

Talks with the director & Screenings of:

Angel in Beginning of an Unknown Era (1967): Three unconnected episodes united by a common theme: the establishment of the Soviet rule in Russia during the civil war of the early 1920s. Depicts dramatic events in simple lives of peasants and soldiers.

Zhila-Byla Odna Baba (2011): A chronicle of the life of an illiterate Russian peasant woman between 1909 and 1921, focusing on her private life and major historic events in the country.

A French Man (2019): In 1957, a French student Pierre Duran arrives in Moscow for an internship at Moscow State University. Here he meets the Bolshoi Theater ballerina Kira Galkina and photographer Valera Uspensky. Thanks to these acquaintances, Pierre is immersed in the cultural life of Moscow, not only official, but also underground.

For a year, Pierre has lived in Moscow for a lifetime, completely unlike everything he knew. But internship and acquaintance with different aspects of the life of Soviet people is not Pierre’s only goal. He is looking for his father, a white officer Tatishchev, who was arrested in the late 30s.

  • The screening will be preceded by a presentation starting at 6.00 PM and may last up to 45 minutes. 
  • Please do not eat in the cinema, please do not use your mobile devises during the talk nor the screening. 
  • Upon leaving the cinema, if you have not done so online, please make a donation towards our running costs and support your club. 

About Sands Films

Sands Films Studio is a film production facility servicing films and TV since 1975. The Studio is also home to The Rotherhithe Picture Research Library which is an educational charity providing a free visual reference library to designers and students. Since 2005 Sands Films Cinema Club has provided regular programmes of film screenings and live events with a non-commercial agenda of culture, education and politics. Most screenings are free and supported by donations, subscribers and shareholders. Visit Sands Films website to discover ways of getting involved with Sands Films.

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