The Angel Pub Quiz in Rotherhithe

13th February 2018 @ 20:00
The Angel Pub
Bermondsey Wall E
The Angel, London SE16 4NB
020 7394 3214

The Angel Pub Quiz in Rotherhithe

Forget the amazing view of Tower Bridge from the nice lounge upstairs this Tuesday night. All your concentration will be focus on answering correctly to the Angel Pub Quiz night questions.

Enjoy a night out with a group of friends by taking part in the quiz. Entries are £1; teams of up to 6 people.

The Angel offers a food menu and a selection of Samuel Smith’s Brewery drinks.

There is a bike and car parking (if you insist to drive) across the street and do not forget to visit the statues of the Salter family outside the pub on the river path.




The Angel in Rotherhithe is part of a network of pubs operated by Samuel Smith’s Brewery; most are small pubs situated in the former mill, mine and steel areas of the north of England. Many pubs in such neighbourhoods are closing but we keep ours open and well maintained serving the local community and offering value for money. The pubs only stock Samuel Smith’s Brewery products.

Walker & Scott Wines & Spirits

Walker & Scott’s range of wines and spirits are sold in Samuel Smith’s pubs. The wine and spirits merchants was founded in 1721 in Micklegate, York, before being acquired by Samuel Smiths in 1956.Remaining true to its original principles, Walker and Scott’s specially selects the highest quality wines and spirits from around the world, all of which are produced by first class independent suppliers.

Walker & Scott’s wines are single grape varietals which are produced in the designated regions of their countries of origin

Scintilla soft drinks

Samuel Smith’s pubs sell our own range of Scintilla Soft Drinks:

Fairtrade Orange Juice
Orange, Apple & Passionfruit Sparkle
Cranberry & Raspberry Sparkle
Elderflower Pressé
Ginger Beer
Pineapple Juice
Diet Cola

Indian Tonic Water
Sparkling Apple Juice
Diet Indian Tonic Water
Sparkling Diet Bitter Lemon
Sparkling Apple Juice

Tomato Juice Cocktail
Blackcurrant Cordial
Lime Cordial
Orange Cordial
Still or Sparkling Water

All Scintilla Soft Drinks are suitable for a vegan diet except for the Tomato Juice Cocktail which contains anchovies.

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