Cafe Deli Felice Exhibitions: Photos & Watercolours

10th October 2015 @ 09:00 – 16:00
Cafe Deli Felice at Albion
40 Albion St
London SE16
Felice / Madda

Snaps for Bee Suits by Pat Kingwell

This is more than an art exhibition. These series of small photographs are a fund-raising  campaign by The Friends of Southwark Park to buy bee suits for children who come to visit the beehives installed in the park. So if you feel you’d like to collaborate to the project, grab one of the remaining photos.

Exhibition by Pat Kingwell

Watercolours by Mark Garratty

Seeing someone exhibiting for first time is a kind of exciting moment. Yet, that’s exactly the kind of opportunity that Cafe Deli Felice offers to local artists. One of them is Mark Garraty whose artworks are a series of watercolours and colourful images to entice the visitor with their imagination. The small collection of birds form a group of artwork in their own.

Exhibition by Mark Garratty
Exhibition by Mark Garratty


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