Canada Water Consultative Forum Meeting

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26th June 2017 @ 19:00 Europe/London Timezone
Alfred Salter Primary School
London SE16 7LP

Canada Water Forum

Canada Water Consultative Forum

Canada Water and the rest of the Rotherhithe peninsula are going through a major transformation. It is important that local residents and business groups are heard during the process of regeneration. The Canada Water Consultative Forum has played that role for many years, providing a space in which local communities can express their concerns and plans and developments can be scrutinised


"If you live or work in Rotherhithe, you shouldn’t miss it"

Jane, Local resident

Some of the key Canada Water Development sites

Campaign and Canada Water Consultative Forum.

The Canada Water Consultative Forum is an independent body established to promote, secure and implement a programme of sustainable development for the Rotherhithe Peninsula. The Forum draws its representatives from the wards of Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks along with the area of Livesey ward northeast of the railway line.

The Forum is attended by  representatives from the London Borough of Southwark, the local community, private owner occupiers/resident associations, local authority residential leaseholders and tenants associations as well as local businesses and other representatives from the different groups involved in the planning and development of the area.



The Forum aims are to:

•  advise on the overall direction of development proposals within the area of consultation

•  ensure public awareness and involvement with the above process

•  work collectively with Southwark Council and other partners to ensure that appropriate arrangements exist for consultation

•  establish Task Groups/Sub-Groups to consider and report on any issue as appropriate with terms of reference for each group as appropriate.


Notice of Meetings

The Agenda and papers for discussion shall be circulated 7 days prior to the meeting, and only in matters of urgency shall papers be circulated 3 working days in advance.

Late items will be accepted at the discretion of the Chair, and shall only be matters that are urgent and could not be included in the Agenda.

Annual Meeting

The Forum shall hold an Annual Meeting to elect a Chair and Vice Chair and conduct any other business of an annual nature.

Servicing of Meetings

Servicing of meetings will be arranged by (currently) the London Borough of Southwark, which will include taking minutes, sending out papers to Forum members and circulating information to other relevant parties.   @CanadaWater1



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