Exhibition – Jake Clark

2nd March 2016 @ 15:00 – 19:00
45 Grange Rd
London SE1 3BH
Rebecca Fairman
020 7231 4321

[CUL-DE-SAC] A solo exhibition by Jake Clark

The ostensible subject – the kitsch, pop-culture derangements of the seaside, are the surface of Clark’s work. A surface which documents the fun, disinhibition, impoverishment, abandonment, faded pigments and ludicrous absurdities of the seaside

Facade 2013. Oil and lino on canvas, 122x122cm

Facade 2013. Oil and lino on canvas, 122x122cm

Cul-de-sac is a one person show by the painter Jake Clark. The show puts together a body of work which includes paintings and cardboard models made over the last 3 years. Thetitle refers to notions of suburbia; focusing on architecture, people and details. The paintings depict an eerie light, that is also simulated with an installation of the 3D models,in a darkened area of the gallery space. The common ground of the show is an exploration of ideas of dystopia via a seaside vernacular.

“Clark has fun while the sun shines; summoning playful colours and textures in sometimes wild combinations, in cascades of bright, toy-design humour . . . until they are compromised by severe noon shadows, or the dark weather of shadowy, introspective nostalgia – with fear, regret and threat. Pigments that were once bright and optimistic are now subject to decay by ultra-violet light, and erosion by hard, wind-driven rain and salt-water; the bright colours of daytime destroyed in a night-time hell of monotonous municipal sodium street lights. Clark’s painterly context for this is the deliberate, grungy physical imperfection of the canvas where his colours are situated”. (Neal Brown 2015)But everything is subject to universal justice. The law requires a payback. Pleasures taken and carefree fun will be exchanged for the emptiness of an ominous wind, coming from far colder depths.

OPENING HOURS: Thursday to Sunday 3 to 7pm or by appointment


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