Exhibition / PanchaKanya

1st December 2015 @ 10:00 – 17:00
Brunel Museum
Railway Ave
London SE16
Brunel Museum
0207 231 3840


Five Holy Virgins

The Brunel MuseumPancha Kanya Exhibition


The Brunel Museum Cafe is home to this exhibition by Maha Satish. Entry is free

Maha Satish is an artist based in South London and has studied art with the University of Arts London.She is originally from India, a place of vibrant colours and decorative art. She enjoys painting semi abstract subjects and draws inspiration from her background in India.

Maha is very pleased to present ‘PanchaKanya’ (the five holy virgins), a group of five iconic heroines from the Indian epics: Ahalya, Mandodari, Tara from ‘The Ramayan’ and Kunti and Draupadi from ‘The Mahabharata’.

The common element that connects these five characters is the concept of sin and redemption. The PanchaKanya are venerated as ideal women, even though all of them at some stage have engaged in actions considered sinful for married women. Their names have been joined up into a sacred hymn that is considered to dispel sin when uttered.

There are different views on the concept, some conflicting with the others. But the entire concept revolves around how these women are not perfect but have played their part in their own right always.

These paintings represent early influences of Indian mythological characters in Maha’s life.

Maha has used a very traditional folk art form called ‘Gond Art’ to depict these stories. Gond art is a very rich, decorative and detailed form of art used in Gond villages to tell stories. It had a recreational motive and was very therapeutic for the tribe. The Gond patterns represent the living expressions of the tribe and each pattern is considered a signature style of an artist.

Maha believes that bringing the concept of PanchaKanya together using Gond Art is very representational of the current world need of redemption through therapy and not punishment.


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