Exhibitions: Judith Walker and Ingrid Thorpe

28th November 2015 @ 10:00 – 16:00
Cafe Deli Felice at Albion
40 Albion St
London SE16
Felice / Madda

Exhibitions by Judith Walker and Ingrid Thorpe

This community Italian cafe is home once again to two new artists’ artworks for two months residency. Cafe Deli Exhibitions


Fragments by Judith Walker

Fragment, Judith Walker

Fragments is an installation, made from paper, representing the gems that can be found amid the fragments in different environments. They can be found by archaeologists digging the earth, researchers in an archive, or anyone looking at an old photo album with fragments from the past retrieving lost memories. All of these come together to create a picture of the intricacies of life in all its beauty

Judith has recently completed a Masters Degree in research at Birkbeck College, University of London. This involved research into art and its context in society and has led her to re-examine her art practice and consider more closely its relationship to her audience. This has resulted in works such as Fragments that are designed to draw the viewer in to gain new experiences and question the dominant consumerism within today’s society.

Judith Was born in Leeds and brought up in West Yorkshire. She came to London in 1974 to do a BA at Central St Martins School of Art, and then travelled to New Mexico to do an MA in Art. When she returned to London in 1980 she lived in her studio in the then declining Borough Marker. Since then she has lived and work in the north of Southwark and for the past 20 years on the Surrey Quays peninsula where she feels at home, and is married to local journalist and writer Mark Say.

She has exhibited her work widely within Southwark, London, The UK and abroad and has completed major works, including a commission for South Bank University and an installation for Peckham library. Judith has also always done education work with a wide variety of adults and children. This has included Southwark primary schools, Rotherhithe and Peckham Sure Start, Guy’s Hospital and Evelina Hospital School, and every year she takes part in The Guardians Big Draw charity event.

Judith also has a parallel career as a cartoonist since 1980 and has been published in several publications, including having regular sports in The Sun and New Humanist magazine. She is currently part of a cartoonist in residence programme at UCL Medical School and UCL hospital.


Landscapes by Ingrid Thorpe

Exhibition Ingrid Thorpe Ingrid Thorpe is a Norwegian artist who lives in  Leigh-on-Sea. Yet the Scandinavian connections are strong in Rotherhithe, therefore her artworks might be seen in the context of the area. Ingrid’s artistic influences are Much and the Expressionist School of Art, with its emphasis on strong colours.

Ingrid obtained a Degree in Fine art at Southend College, and her dissertation extolled the power of Art and Artistic Style as an expression of temperament or personality.

She has exhibited in Leigh-On-Sea, The Cliffs Pavilion, Westcliff-On-Sea, Southwark, The Norwegian Church, and previously at the Italian Galleria



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