Ockeghem’s Requiem And De La Rue’s Missa De Septem Doloribus: Ars Antiqua De Paris

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30th September 2017 @ 19:30 Europe/London Timezone
St. Mary's Church
St Marychurch St
Rotherhithe, London SE16
£10, £5 concs
Sands Films Studio
020 7231 2209

Okeghem’s Requiem and de la Rue’s Missa de Septem doloribus

In London for one night only, Ars Antiqua de Paris will sing late 16th century polyphonic religious music in Rotherhithe’s marvellous St Mary’s Church

When Henry VII became a widower, he tried to marry the Duke of Burgundy’s daughter.. the Habsburg-Burgundian imperial court sent to London their best musicians… Pierre de la Rue came up the Thames to sing to the King of England… Two boats were required for this event but tragically one was lost in a storm over the Channel… Pierre survived but some singers died, this requiem is dedicated to their memory. REQUIEM Johannes Ockeghem (1425 – 1497) is the most famous composer of the Franco-Flemish School in the last half of the 15th century, and is the most influential composer between Guillaume Dufay and Josquin des Prez. In addition to being a renowned composer, he was also an honored singer, choirmaster, and teacher. Missa de Septem doloribus Pierre de la Rue (1452-1518) is a Franco-Flemish composer and singer of the Renaissance. Of the same generation as Josquin des Prez, and a long associate of the HabsburgBurgundian musical chapel, he is also one of the most famous and influential composers in the polyphonic style in the decades around 1500.

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