Russian Cinema: Whistle Stop (1963)

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12th December 2015 @ 18:00 Europe/London Timezone
Sands Films Studios
82 St Marychurch St
London SE16 4HZ
Sands Films Cinema
020 7231 2209

The Whistle Stop

Russian Cinema at Sands Films Studios

The Whistle Stop (1963) | Boris Barnet
Barnet’s last film before his suicide. And it’s so light and fun! Rambling and almost plotless like ALYONKA with a nonsense scenario: city engineer comes to a Russian village to relax and paint pictures (“We always get artists in this village!” one girl complains, though why Soviet artists are so fixated on this particular village is never explained). He doesn’t get much work done because once the villagers find out he can fix things he’s in high demand to repair radios and chimneys and the like (and always muttering “Well, it isn’t my speciality exactly…”).

Full of wonderful, breezy little gags: An old peasant babushka has a collection of cubist portraits of herself from all the other artists who’ve come to this village to paint and proudly displays them for the engineer. And not a dark cloud to be seen in this grand little flick. And its failure was supposedly the reason for its director taking the long leap from the short rope.

The ARCC screenings are an association between Sands Film Studios and ARCC (Anglo Russian Culture Club). Once a month, on a Saturday evening, they will screen a Russian/Soviet film and offer an informal opportunity for people to discuss the topic of the film with an introduction to the films and a post-screening discussion.

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