Sands Films Cinema Club – I Recuperanti

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28th February 2017 @ 20:30 Europe/London Timezone
Sands Films Studios
82 St Marychurch St
London SE16 4HZ
Sands Films Cinema
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Sands Films Cinema Club: I Recuperanti

I Recuperanti – Films of 1969

1969 – Film -101 mins – Dir. Ermanno Olmi – Italy

I RECUPERANTII Recuperanti (The Scavengers in the English title) A former soldier develops a bond with an elder (Antonio Lunardi) as they live in the mountains and try to survive.

Made for TV in 1970, the film was released ten years later in the French cinemas. We follow Gianni returning home to his northern mountains in Veneto just after the Second World War, and finding a difficult economic situation. Will he have to go to Australia like his brother or will he stay because his girlfriend, who waited for him for so long, asks him to ? After a genuine and unfortunate try to start again the local sawmill (very interesting scenes) as a cooperative, he meets at night an old man who looks like a homeless but who talks about gold in the mountain (which gave the film its French title)… meaning the metal hidden under the ground, the metal from weapons and ammunitions left by the First World War in this part of Italy which is known for having been a very combative and bloody war front between the Italians and the Austrians. Thus starts their search for metal to be sold, with the inevitable risk linked to the explosive… mixing the study of their relationship and the conflict between tradition and modernity, between society and marginality, in the remains of a war context. Thanks to two wonderful non professional actors whose spontaneity is perfectly directed, thanks to a perfect staging of the camera which proves Olmi’s knowledge of true documentary filming (dynamic shots and care for the truth of the places), thanks to a very fine script (by Kezich, Rigoni Stern and Olmi), the film is simply a must see.

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Sands Films Studios Films of 1969

Films from 1969

Sands Films Cinema Club is featuring a series of films from 1969 for its Sands Films Cinema Club on Tuesdays




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