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7th March 2017 @ 20:30 Europe/London Timezone
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Sands Films Cinema Club: Lonesome

Lonesome – Films of 1928

Film -1928 -75 mins – Dir. Paul Fejos – US


The film was shot and premiered in 1928. Sound had already arrived by then but was used sparingly, and Lonesome constitutes one of those peculiar hybrids made on the cusp between silent and sound cinema. Some few (rather awkward) dialogues are spoken, while others are mimed, with intertitles carrying the words. Clearly, the film’s heart and technique are still rooted in silent cinema, and Lonesome can be considered a late blossoming and recapitulation of that medium’s potential to dazzle.

Fejos had lived a hand-to-mouth existence earlier in New York, taking jobs in a funeral parlor and a piano factory and as a laboratory technician. He was determined to draw on his mixed feelings for that city. He loved the extroverted humanity of New York, while aware that it came at a cost. As he later explained: “I wanted to put in a picture New York with its terrible pulse beat—that everybody rushes, that even when you have time, you run down to the subway . . . ; this terrific pressure which is on people; the multitude in which you are always moving but in which you are still alone.”

Lonesome is a 1928 part-talkie film by the Hungarian-born American director Paul Fejös. It was produced and distributed by Universal Pictures. In 2010, it was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.The film was released on Blu-ray disc and DVD on August 28, 2012, as part of the Criterion Collection.

It was remade in 1935 as a comedy called The Affair of Susan.


In New York, Mary is a telephone operator who lives alone and is lonely. Jim is a factory worker who lives alone and is lonely. Each decides to go to the beach (presumably Coney Island) and both are captivated with each other, eventually realizing, moreover, that they really do like each other. Having gone from loneliness to finding love, enjoying the company of each other and having fun, they are separated, because of exigent circumstances and hundreds of visitors to the beach that day. Only knowing each other’s first name, and having only a small photo of each other, Jim and Mary are desperate to find each other. Will these two lonesome individuals who have discovered their love for each other lose it all the same day?



Sands Films Studios Cinema Club Films of 1928

Films from 1928

Sands Films Cinema Club is featuring a series of films from 1928 for its Sands Films Cinema Club on Tuesdays focus on the theme of complete fantasy, non-realism in the films of 1928





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