Sands Films Cinema Club – Vivire in pace

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5th September 2017 @ 20:30 Europe/London Timezone
Sands Films Studio
82 St Marychurch St
London SE16 4HZ
Sands Films Cinema
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Sands Films Cinema Club:  Vivire in pace

Vivire in pace/ 1947 / Film / 90 minutes / Italy / O.V. Italian / Directed by Luigi Zampa

Wouldn’t peace be wonderful? But Luigi Zampa’s film takes place during the German occupation, and there is no real peace to be had. Tigna (Aldo Fabrizi, who contributed to the script, excellent), a farmer, somewhat reluctantly hides two American soldiers, one of whom is wounded, in the cellar. Drunk, the wounded soldier, who is black, one night reveals himself to Tigna’s guest, a German official, who, himself drunk, mistakes what he sees as meaning thank goodness! the war is over. Discarding Nazi racism, the official takes to the streets with the American—two instant comrades and noisy celebrants. Their mood is contagious, waking up Tigna’s neighbors; thank goodness! the war is over. Only, of course, it isn’t, and eventually Tigna and the German, attempting to flee, are both murdered by the SS.

There is no escaping war and its effects. This idea is formally and tonally rendered in an ingenious way: the film’s comedy passes into tragedy; hope for peace resolves into death by war. (Also, one might say that human simplicity is extinguished by the complications that war imposes.) Before this happens, the German expresses his kinship with the protagonist by noting that he, too, if he had his way would be farming back home.
One can see the influence of To Live in Peace in any number of war-set Italian tragicomedies, including Mario Monicelli’s The Great War (1959) and Roberto Benigni’s Life Is Beautiful (1998). But there is still more to Zampa’s achievement—an irony beyond the scope of the action, provided by the world in which the film was first exhibited. The war is over now, but its ravages are residual. Ordinary postwar Italian citizens yet might sigh, Vivere in pace.

-Dennis Grunes


films of 1947

Films of 1947

Sands Films Studios is dedicating a series of free screenings on the Tuesday Night Cine Club slots to show films which were produced on 1947

You can expect the usual quality and variety of titles as only Sands Films Studios can provide.


Sands films cinema Club Tuesday

Sand Films Cinema Club

Entry is free though BOOKING IS REQUIRED. No food allowed inside in the cinema

Seats are limited and each booking reduces the number of seats available to others. If you cannot attend, please cancel as soon as possible your booking by going to “MY TICKETS” on the email Eventbrite has sent you: this is the best way to release your seat to someone else and to enable us to refund your contribution.

If the film is SOLD OUT, there will be an automated waiting list, this will contact you if and when a seat becomes available.

Sands Films Studio is an independent film production facility operating in an 18C listed building in Rotherhithe since 1975. The building is also a venue for private or public one-off events, film screenings, music concerts, theatre performances and poetry readings. It offers a regular cinema club with most of the films shown free to attend though the company rely on public donations.

Sands Films Cinema is located at 82 Saint Marychurch Street SE16 4HZ London. If you would like to explore more of the peninsula, check out the Rotherhithe map  @sandsfilmscine  sandsfilmsstudio

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