Silent Cinema: The Pleasure Gardens (1925)

29th November 2015 @ 19:00
Sand Films
82 St Marychurch St
London SE16 4HZ
Sand Films Cinema



Another session of this Sunday evening once a month to  screen some of the great classics of silent cinema. Tickets are free ( donations are appreciated to help pay for occasional live accompaniment screenings). There will be an introduction to the films and a post-screening discussion

Sands Films Cinema The Pleasure Gardens

The Pleasure Garden is a 1925 British silent film directed by Alfred Hitchcock in his directorial debut. Based on a novel by Oliver Sandys, the film is about two chorus girls at the Pleasure Garden Theatre in London and their troubled relationships.


Jill arrives in London with a letter of introduction to Mr. Hamilton, proprietor of the Pleasure Garden Theatre. The letter and all her money are stolen from her handbag as she waits to see him. Patsy, a chorus girl at the Pleasure Garden, sees her difficulty and offers to take her to her own lodgings and to try to get her a job. Next morning Jill is successful in getting a part in the show. Her fiance, Hugh, arrives with a colleague called Levet. Levet and Patsy become very close while Jill is being pursued by a number of rich men, particularly a Prince Ivan. Hugh is sent to Africa by his company.

Jill moves out of the lodgings she shares with Patsy and becomes more involved with the Prince. Patsy and Levet marry and honeymoon in Italy before he returns to Africa. After some time Patsy finally receives a letter from her husband in which he says he has been sick for weeks. Patsy is determined to go to take care of him and asks Jill to lend her the fare. Jill refuses as she is preparing for her marriage to the Prince and has no money to spare. Patsy is able to borrow the fare from her landlords Mr and Mrs Sidey. When she arrives at her husband’s bungalow, she finds that he is living with a local woman and leaves. Levet tries to drive the woman away but when she refuses to leave him, follows her into the sea and drowns her.

Meanwhile, Patsy has found that Hugh really is very ill with a fever and stays to take care of him. Levet finds them together and accuses Hugh of making advances to his wife. Patsy follows him back to his bungalow. Hugh warns his boss that Levet is dangerous. The boss shoots Levet dead as he is trying to kill Patsy. Hugh has discovered from a newspaper that Jill is to marry the Prince. He and Patsy find consolation with each other and return to London.

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