Sands Films Studios Prospective Shareholders Day #3

An Open House Day for prospective shareholders interested in keeping this unique community space open for years to come. There will be a Tour of Sands Films Studio and Screening of “The Good Soldier Schwejk”

Sands Films has some 500 small shareholders who, jointly, own the company and its assets. Together they protect the property from being an object of speculation and thereby guarantee the existance of the company. Their role and function is vital to Sands Films which is a very stable company, trading for over 40 years, but which doesn’t provide high yield.  

Sands Films Studios Open House For Prospective Shareholders

The company’s share capital is fixed and the company is not issuing new shares – but after 8 years, the pool of shareholders needs some renewing. New shareholders have therefore the opportunity to join in by purchasing shares from existing shareholders.

The visit of the studio will introduce potential new shareholders to the building and its directors. We will take you around the building at 6.00 pm and will be available to answer all your questions.

There will be the screening of Sands Films’ last production “The Good Soldier Schwejk” at 7.45 pm. The film is just under two hours long

Wednesday 24th April 2019 / 5.30pm | Register on Eventbrite

If you are interested in attending this Open Day, register here

BBC Inside Out at Sands Films

Click the link below to read the article published on The Guardian in 2011 which sums up the situation of Sands Studios at that date when it was raising capital. It also explains the EIS share offer issues at that time (though the tax credit no longer applies)

Fancy owning a piece of film history? Sands Films, a London movie studio facing closure because of rising rents is seeking help from small investors