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Tuesday Cinema Club: Films of 1936

Sands Films Tuesday Cinema Club during March is dedicated to films of 1936 with films from directors Jean Renoir, Frank Kapra, Julien Duvivier, Aleksander Ford & Max Ophuls

Tuesday Cinema Club in March

8pm| Free, booking required

Directed by Jean Renoir | 77 mins

When Jacques Prévert wrote for Marcel Carné (Le jour se lève, 1939; Children of Paradise, 1945), the result would be fatalistic; but his one collaboration with Jean Renoir, The Crime of Monsieur Lange, is bursting with life and humanity. The son of Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste, Renoir enjoyed his greatest period in the 1930s, when he was a sort-of communist. Renoir’s Crime fits his politics—and soul.

Lange is an exploited young worker in a publishing firm. His alter ego is Arizona Jim, the adventurous, liberated character about whom he writes in his spare time. When his boss disappears, the boy and his co-workers transform the business into a cooperative. But guess who unexpectedly returns, disguised as a priest? What’s to be done?

The workers’ cooperative expresses the communard in Renoir. France’s regrettable history on this score, her willed amnesia regarding her ill-fated 1871 political experiment in Paris, makes the cooperative in the film a thing to be cherished—an imaginary opportunity for France to redeem a part of the past. As far as movies go, the moral choice of the decade falls to those in the border town who must decide whether to turn in to the police Lange’s loyal girlfriend and the fleeing “criminal,” who dispatched (as Jules Berry plays him) a smarmily charming embodiment of evil, or let the couple go on their way across the border. It is remarkable how the situation predicts moral choices that persons in the same nation would face during the next decade. But even if one discounts this touch of prophecy, movies don’t get more profoundly (as distinct from artificially) exciting than this.

With its fresh invention and moral vigor, The Crime of Monsieur Lange anticipates the nouvelle vague by two decades.

8pm| Free, booking required

Directed by Frank Kapra | 116 mins

A simple, small town man inherits a massive fortune, making him the target for scammers and publicity-seekers. Overwhelmed by the turn his life has taken, and awoken to another use for his new-found fortune, he makes a momentous decision.

8pm | Free, booking required

Directed by Julien Duvivier| 101 mins

La Belle Equipe tells the story of five unemployed workers who win the jackpot in the national lottery but their solidarity then proves fragile.

8pm | Free, booking required

Directed by Max Ophuls | 89 mins

When bank messenger Brand realises that 50,000 pounds sterling have gone missing in Amsterdam, it is a catastrophe for him. And not only for he, but his daughter is dismissed, too.

8pm | Free, booking required

Directed by Aleksander Ford | 61 mins

One of just a few surviving documentaries about Jewish life in Poland before World War II, this film was produced to raise funds for the Vladimir Medem Sanatorium which stood as the embodiment of health and enlightenment in striking contrast to the grim images of urban Polish-Jewish poverty.

  • Food is not allowed inside the cinema.
  • Please DO NOT book a seat if you are not sure of your availability. Seats are limited and each booking reduces the number of seats available to others. If you cannot attend, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible by going to “MY TICKETS” on the email from Eventbrite; this will release your seat to someone else
  • If the film is SOLD OUT, there will be an automated waiting list, which will contact you if/when a seat becomes available.
  • Upon leaving the cinema, please consider making a donation towards the running costs to support the cinema club. 

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