Tuned In London Music Programme September to November 2019

The new collection of rhythms and sounds of the Tuned In London programme brings fantastic artists to Saint Mary’s Church in Rotherhithe for another season of intimate music gigs. The venue offers a unique experience to experience music like no other place can do. It is also worth mentioning how affordable Tuned In London tickets are and what good value for money in a London where everything is just “London prices”


The music programme for this season is hosted across different iconic venues in Rotherhithe and Bermondsey: Sands Films Studios, The Finnish Church and City Hope Church

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London Klezmer Quartet- 10th Anniversary Special!

Wed 25th Sep, 7.45pm (doors 7pm), City Hope Church, 121 Drummond Road, Bermondsey, SE16 2JY

LKQ brings you klezmer at its most beguiling and seductive: the subtleties of the original tradition, their own inventive arrangements & original tunes, a breathtaking dynamic virtuosity, all combined with a kick-the-chairs-over ability to get you up on your feet. What these all-female original band members have created over the last decade assures that “the tradition is safe in the hands of the next generation” Sunday Times and has filled venues throughout the UK, around Australia and many countries in between several times over. Undoubtedly they’re “one of the best purveyors of the music of Eastern European Jewish heritage” ABC Radio National. Melancholy and celebratory joy abound. Come celebrate!

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Reconnection – Sounds of The Earth

Wed 16th Oct, 7pm (doors 6.30pm), Finnish Church, Albion St, Rotherhithe

Three musicians, three human beings, each of whom have experienced musical journeys in South America, Cuba, Africa and India. Wind, fire, earth and water elements will be represented by instruments, melodies, rhythms and songs. A diverse sound that is calling to unite our minds, souls and hearts to reconnect with mother Earth, the essential love. A collaboration presented by Peruvian Kanti Qena, Bolivian Phaxsi (“Mother Moon”) Coca and Gran Canarian Ayoze de Alejandro Lopez, all members of the group Lokandes.

Kanti Qena, Phaxsi Coca and Ayoze de Alejandro Lopez on Youtube

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Karim Chaya

Wed 30th Oct, 7pm (doors 6.30pm), Finnish Church, Albion St, Rotherhithe

Karim Chaya brings us the songs of his band El Gafla, “Desert Caravan”, for this his UK debut. The seeds of his music-making were planted in the modest setting of a working-class neighbourhood of Algiers, but it was in the Bohemian culturally-mixed quarter of Ménilmontant, Paris, that he formed the band he leads, drawing on the sounds of La Mano Negra, Les Négresses Vertes, Manu Chao and Zebda, the energy of Gnawa Diffusion and the melancholic poetry of Souad Massi. With lyrics suffused with poignant emotion, more sombre dolefulness, bursting vibrancy and joyful rhythm, this intimate performance presents a taste of what you might hear wherever his Caravan passes… from cramped Parisian bars to the biggest of the international stages.

El Gafla on Youtube

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Gabriella Kozyra. A London International Arts Festival event.

Wed 27th Nov, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), Sands Films, St Marychurch St, Rotherhithe

“A love note from a singer to Brazil” (Songlines). Originally from a Polish family of musicians of mainly vocal tradition, Gabriela Kozyra has a beautiful new album, recorded in Rio de Janeiro, where she immersed herself in the rich world of music-makers, some of whom, including the extraordinary guitarist and composer Guinga, contributed to this latest project. She invites us to discover her exquisite collection of unpublished Samba, Valsa, Choro and Marcha Rancho treasures from the new Brazilian songbook. “A Brazilian trip of the highest quality” to quote renowned Brazilian singer Monica Salmaso.

This performance is brought to you in partnership with this year’s London International Arts Festival.

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