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The new collection of rhythms and sounds of the Tuned In London programme brings fantastic artists to Saint Mary’s Church in Rotherhithe, Finnish Church and Sands films studios for another season of intimate music gigs. The venues offers a unique experience to experience music like no other place can do. It is also worth mentioning how affordable Tuned In London tickets are and what good value for money in a London where everything is just “London prices”

St Mary's Church ROtherhithe
St Mary’s Church and Sands Films Studios in the background


Thursday 11th April, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), St Mary’s Church, Rotherhithe

British/German acoustic string trio Arcopia has played on many a stage in Germany and elsewhere in Europe and with this will be making its UK debut: expect a colourful combination of jazz, folk, world and rock/fusion: “groove-based” music brought to you by sought-after Cologne-based cellist Gunther Tiedmann and London-based violinist Chris Haigh and cellist Rupert Gillett, the latter also on guitar and voice.

Mary Ann Kennedy

Friday 3rd May, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), Finnish Church, 33 Albion St, London SE16 7HZ

Brought up in Glasgow Mary Ann Kennedy, widely known for her outstanding musical collaborations as well as her broadcasting career, returns to Rotherhithe to perform songs, on harp and vocals, from her new album “Glaschu”, (pronounced GLASS-khoo), a celebration of song, spirit, feelings and laughter, it tells the story of growing up as an urban Gael and revels in the wit and vivid songwriting of some of the great Glaswegian Gaels. She says of it “this is my Gaelic love-song for the city in all its guises – the voices of arrivals in search of a new life and of those, like me, born and bred there.” Her previous album was nominated for Best Album at the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards. This one launches internationally at the end of April.

  Mary Ann Kennedy’s website

Desde el silencio

Wednesday 5th June, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), St Mary’s Church, St Marychurch St, Rotherhithe, London SE16 4NJ

A decade on from when Chilean dancer Natalia García Huidobro established the contemporary flamenco company La Típica here in London, ‘Desde el Silencio’ returns to the stage. A journey through moments of intimacy: loneliness, parting of ways, joy, transformations and the crucial moments that help us find our true selves. La Típica take the language and structure of flamenco as a starting point, but bring it firmly into the present, breaking free from clichéd ideas of flamenco. Music and choreography interact and evolve organically together: both sung and spoken word express the beauty of flamenco poetry, creating a rhythmic dialogue with the dancer.

Cory Seznec Band

Thursday 4th July, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), St Mary’s Church, St Marychurch St, Rotherhithe, London SE16 4NJ

Somewhere between musical wanderer and uncertified ethnomusicologist dwells Cory Seznec and his unique world. A French-American musician based in Paris, Cory has blended his early introduction to American fingerstyle guitar & clawhammer banjo with techniques he discovered on more recent travels in East Africa, giving birth to a more syncopated, polyrhythmic and cross-pollinated style. “Music that sits somewhere just outside the bluegrass-blues-folk-country-world music time-stream, dipping its toe in all of them” (fRoots).. Joining him will be his stellar group of fellow musicians: David Chalumeau on harmonica, Daniel Mizrahi on guitar & Renaud Ollivier on percussion.


Wednesday 17th July, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), St Mary’s Church, St Marychurch St, Rotherhithe, London SE16 4NJ

Two years since her scintillating UK debut with us, “one of Madagascar’s true musical icons”(R2 Magazine), singer, songwriter & guitarist Hanitra returns with her trio to again perform songs from her latest album “Lasa”. Her seasoned vocals rise and fall effortlessly through an ever-changing landscape as she melds tradition with contemporary issues in her songs, both in homage to all women and one woman in particular, the late French-Canadian singer Lhasa de Sela, whose phenomenal and youthful talent saw her win many a prestigious award including BBC Radio 3’s Best World Music Artist of the Americas in 2005.

  Hanitra’s website

Little Symphonic Duet

Thursday 25th August, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), St Mary’s Church, St Marychurch St, Rotherhithe, London SE16 4NJ

The Little Symphonic Duet are aptly named, as they’re an astonishing duo capable of performing symphonies with nothing more than a charango, a small, traditional stringed instrument from the Andes, and a guitar. Led by Italy-based, highly accomplished Chilean musician Michel Barros Bessone, who has developed a particular way to use the uñeta, or plectrum, – a way of plucking that simulates the instruments that play the higher notes in an orchestra. This duo will dazzle with Michel’s incredible arrangements of works by Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Rossini and more, delivered in a manner you have never heard before. Expect one or two traditional, folkloric tunes thrown in, and a special guest!

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