Parks and outdoors spaces in Rotherhithe and Bermondsey

Bermondsey and Rotherhithe Parks and green spaces

Anyone who visits Rotherhithe or Bermondsey for first time may be surprised to discover that number of parks and green spaces across Rotherhithe and Bermondsey, something that local residents do appreciate. Spaces to relax or practice sports, paths to walk on and explore the wildlife; spaces for all the family and little hidden spots to retrieve from the stress, whatever the way you want to enjoy these parks, remember to be respectful and help to keep them tidy.

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A visit to Ada Salter Garden in Southwark Park – Video

One of the best features of Southwark Park, the Ada Salter Garden is a place of  contemplation.  The serenity of the lake and its wildlife combined with an incredible display of plants and flowers during the blossoming season. This video shows a visit to the splendid Ada Salter Garden on April 2017

Russia Dock Woodland Rotherhithe

Russia Dock Woodland is an oasis in this part of busy London. It supports a huge variety of plant, animal and bird life, some of it rare. It is used and enjoyed by local residents of all ages, many of whom are very active in promoting its interests and are partly responsible for its ongoing improvements.

King’s Stairs Gardens

The King’s Stairs Gardens is a riverside popular park for recreation and relaxation. Open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and accessible to wheelchairs, mobility scooters, prams and buggies, it forms a peaceful green oasis between the busy Jamaica Road and the River Thames recreation and relaxation. Open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and accessible to wheelchairs, mobility scooters, prams and

Bermondsey Spa Gardens

Bermondsey Spa Gardens has park seating, lighting, a toddlers’ play area, a multi-use games area, a 333m running track, a plaza and the Ellen Brown Bermondsey Play Centre. The building provides facilities for children and their parents. Ellen Brown was the chair of local forums for many years and contributed greatly to the local community.

Southwark Park Trail Map

Southwark Park Trail Map gives visitor a chance to visit Southwark Park with a different perspective; explore its heritage, the wildlife diversity or unknown facts you might have not known.

Southwark Park Map

The green jewel of Rotherhithe and Bermondsey, Southwark Park is a fantastic outdoors space ideal for family, dog owners, practising sports or having a relaxing time. Explore the different facilties across the park with this handy map

Southwark Park

Southwark Park Southwark Park is located in the Bermondsey / Rotherhithe area and it offers fantastic wide-open spaces, perfect for playing games, picnics, walking or just enjoying the scenery.