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Shortwave Cafe Exhibition by John McGowan PromoWarehouse and Mill, John McGowan Prints

John McGowan will be showing his collection of screen-prints of Rotherhithe’s riverside at Shortwave Cafe in an exhibition called Warehouse & Mill.

John says, ‘From the late 1970s through to the early 1980s, Maureen, my sister-in-law, lived on Barge Olga, which was moored in the Thames next to Waterside, a craft collective at 99 Rotherhithe Street. About this time I had become aware of the work of Gerd Winner, an artist and printmaker who had made a series of prints about the Docklands and East London… I managed to acquire some prints by Gerd Winner and plot my own version of the dockland prints…With a little tweaking, the Rotherhithe Suite came to life.’

Shortwave Cafe Exhibition by John McGowan

John McGowan

The artist has been making prints for 50 years. Skilled in a variety of print techniques, he now focuses exclusively on screen-printing. Retired from art teaching some years ago, he is working to develop a portfolio of prints that reflect his interests in buildings, landscape and industry. He wants to draw our attention to the architecture and industrial structures that our forebears have left behind.

John uses a variety of image making techniques: drawing, painting, photography and computer processed imagery and combines them. In his prints, a gestural brushstroke can sit next to a precise drawing, a scanned image next to a transferred impression of a leaf. After extensive experiments and ‘proofing’ of the image, the results are printed onto high quality paper in small, limited editions in his studio.

In 2015, the Rotherhithe Suite was accepted into the collection of the Museum of London.
As well as Rotherhithe Suite John will be showing his version of Waterloo Sunset in a print titled Terry Meets Julie, and a series of screen-prints of Arborfield Mill

Warehouse and Mill, John McGowan Prints
29th June – 24th July
Opening night 28th June 6.30pm
Shortwave Cafe
Unit H05, The Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road
Bermondsey, SE16 4DG
9:00 till 22:30 Monday to Saturday

About Shortwave Cafe

Shortwave Café is an art and events venue in Bermondsey’s busiest business complex where you can relax with colleagues over coffee and cake, catch up with friends for drinks after work, or check out the current art exhibition. The café is spacious and bright, with natural light provided by the same skylights that allowed the workers in the old Peek Frean’s factory to produce the Bourbons, Garibaldis, Custard Creams and Twiglets, whose aromas wafted out into the surrounding streets and homes. Join for coffee and cake, cocktails, wines or cold beers from local brewers while you lounge in comfortable chairs, or take in the latest art show.

Free WiFi is available. Free parking after 6.30pm and all day on Saturday. Shortwave Cafe is closed on Sundays  @ShortwaveCafe  ShortwaveCafe



Shortwave Cafe Collage

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