Pollination Route Workshop at Diaspore Art SpacePollination Route Workshop at Diaspore Art SpacePollination Route Workshop at Diaspore

The decreasing number of bees has proven to be a tremendous environmental impact. How should plants get pollinated now? Can it be a mechanical or a manual process? What if there was a way to attract bees and design new routes of pollination and create new hives for them? How can we create an alternative communication system that allows a different environment for this interaction?

This workshop is looking at possible laws of attraction of wildlife and objects that have such power. We are interested in the intersection between nature and human actions; how we think, create and interfere.

The participants of the workshop will be invited to draw, sketch and create new forms and objects with a dual function. An object that works as a home for a living being and a living room for another one. We are going to explore these ideas and develop rapid prototypes of new life containers and attractors.

The Workshop will be led by Mariana Sameiro and Konstantinos Trichas.

Ticket price is only £3.78 and is set to cover materials for the workshop.

Mariana Sameiro

Mariana is a designer, tutor and independent curator with five years practice – independently, and for creative studios. In 2015 she graduated from the Royal College of Art with and MA in Visual Communication, where she is currently a visiting tutor. Her teaching experience started during the last academic year when she was invited by Brighton University and RCA, for talks, personal tutorials and workshop/events organisation. Since 2011 she has worked as an illustrator and designer, working on international projects with renowned institutions; as well as designing magazines, exhibitions, books, and products. She has also worked as an independent illustrator and designer with art galleries, artists, filmmakers, and textile designers, specialised in collage illustration and pattern design. Last she currently works as an independent curator and in the last four years has organised illustration and design/art exhibitions in London, Berlin, Ithaca and Lisbon.

Konstantinos Trichas

Konstantinos Trichas is a designer based in London. His work is both playful and conceptual, focused on the creative process and engagement with the audience. His practice expands from design for print to the creation of objects and installation of three dimensional experiences. Konstantinos graduated from MA Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art and has worked in several design, branding and advertising agencies. His work has won prizes at the European Design Awards and the Greek Design and Illustration Awards and has been exhibited in London, Berlin, Athens and Barcelona. Konstantinos has led and organised workshops in Greece, South Korea and England. He is the co-organiser of Ten Images for Ithaca and in 2012 he initiated Two

Pages, a collection of nomadic sketchbooks which, so far, have traveled in more than 20 countries.

Pollination Route Workshop

Sat 1 April 2017 / 14:00 – 18:00

Diaspore /Corners of Keeton’s road and Collett road London SE16 2BT

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diaspore spaceAbout Diaspore

Diaspore aims to offer an exhibition and participatory programme focusing around ideas of ecology(ies) looking at ecosystems and their communities. Explored through various forms and tailored to answer a range of problematics reflecting societal constructs. The project involves scientists, designers, artists, writers, chefs and community groups whom together discuss and think on how to interact with a manufactured environment.

Friche Broadcasts is a curatorial programme evolving around plant communication. Taking as a starting point 6 ways of commucation used by plants we will explore how they can translate to social models and community groups. The 6 modules will consecutively look at communication through Mycelium, Hearing, Nervous system, Electric field, Airborne and Genetic transfer. Each module will last for two months and will consist of an exhibition, workshops, group discussion, meals, publication, talks, and other type of collective and community lead activities.

Friche is an as art and design Studio working towards the conception of eco-structures for urban communities. Our philosophy is to intervene in spaces with the potential for transformation, working within existing parameters to create a new epicenter for the community; this new platform can then be used as an educational, recreational and discursive environment.

Diaspore is an exhibition and participatory project space which focuses on ideas of ecology(ies), ecosystems and their communities.



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