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Blissbods will soon be running baby massage courses at the Docklands Settlements Community Centre for parents and caregivers. Massage is likely the oldest and most natural of all therapies. Deep and ongoing massage therapy can transform your life by restoring structural imbalances and loosening tension in areas of your body you didn’t even know had issues or were tense. The right Massage can reconnect mind and body by awakening the natural self-healing and rebalancing potential within you. WISE16 interviewed Patsy Jawo, Blissbods Health Founder to find out more about the new service in Rotherhithe


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Many parents might wonder what exactly is Baby Massage?

PJ/ Baby Massage is all about bonding with your child with a focus on giving them loving touch to relax, rejuvenate, provide sensory stimulation, communicate with them and positively influence their development. It is a great activity that provides a special time for parents and babies to observe, learn and understand each other through Therapeutic Play. Touch is the baby’s first and prime language so Baby Massage is a wonderful way to tap into that in a gentle, loving, fun and interactive way as well as having many benefits such as:

[list][item icon=”fa-asterisk” ][/item]Social and Emotional – helps to strengthen family bonds, build self-confidence and promotes positive relationships, healthy communication and self expression[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-asterisk” ][/item]Cognitive – sensory stimulation and communication in the baby’s prime language, brain development, memory and recall[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-asterisk” ][/item]Physical – balance, coordination,  motor function, body awareness, sitting & standing[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-asterisk” ][/item]Wellbeing – helps relieve common infant ailments, improves flexibility, muscle tone, back strength and aids circulatory and respiratory rhythms[/list]

In addition to these the usual benefits of massage apply some of which are: assists digestion and strengthens the immune system, encourages good upright posture, relief from pain, tension and blocked energy, relaxes the muscles, stimulates peripheral nerves, assists in the removal of waste products from the body, stimulates the healing process, increases lymph and blood flow.

How is the course structure?

PJ/ The structure is a 4 week course with a 1 hour class each week. You can attend at the Dockland Settlement Community Centre Rotherhithe or contact me to discuss your requirements as I can provide the course as a 121 or group course hosted at your home or chosen location.

How many sessions would parents need to take?

PJ/ Attending the 4 week course in full should be enough and for the Holding & Reassurance Program, Developmental Baby Massage and Colic Massage Clinic, the same routine will be done every week over the 4 weeks with the aim that parents are confident at the end of the course.

Is 4 week course enough?

PJ/ Every course offered is structured as a 4 week course with a 1 hour class each week, however once a course is completed parents can attend further sessions as a one-off or on an ongoing basis whenever they want should they wish to do so. Everyone learns at a different pace and some parents may want to use this as a social activity where they meet up with friends or other parents, so parents are welcome to attend any 1 hour class upon completion of a corresponding 4 week course. This way parents can take as many classes as they deem necessary to feel confident and competent with massaging their baby especially because babies are always in charge and may not always want to have a massage during the course but we will work around that as best we can.

Is there any restrictions on age?

PJ/ There are different baby massage courses for different age groups as follows:

[list][item icon=”fa-asterisk” ][/item]Colic Massage Clinic – Postnatal[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-asterisk” ][/item]Baby Holding & Reassurance Program – Antenatal[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-asterisk” ][/item]Baby Holding & Reassurance Program – Postnatal for babies from birth to 6 to 8 weeks[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-asterisk” ][/item]Developmental Baby Massage – Postnatal for babies from 6 to 8 weeks to Standing

– To attend babies must have had their 6 week check (whenever this happens) and be able to hold their head up[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-asterisk” ][/item]Baby Massage – Postnatal for babies from Standing to 6 months[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-asterisk” ][/item]Baby Massage – Postnatal for babies from 6 to 9 months[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-asterisk” ][/item]Baby Massage – Postnatal for babies from 9 to 13 months[/list]

Can both parents be present during the course?

PJ/ Only one parent can be present during the course because the focus is on 121 bonding between the baby and the attending parent or caregiver. The exception is twins, triplets or other multi-births where both parents, grandparents, nannies etc. can attend so that each baby is paired with a parent or caregiver to bond with them. We will offer and run dad’s only courses to help dads bond with their babies and this can be done as 121s or groups home courses so I urge dads or their partners to register their interest for dads only courses by contacting the Dockland Settlements community centre ( 020 7231 7108) or myself direct at

Where are the sessions held?

PJ/ Sessions will be held at the Dockland Settlements Community Centre however parents can get in touch with me to organise 121 or group sessions at their home or chosen location.

How can parents interested in attending register?

PJ/ The Dockland Settlements Community Centre have an interest sheet so parents can contact them by phone or in person and leave their details or contact me direct by email (or to organise a home course.)

How much is the course?

PJ/ At the Dockland Settlements Community Centre the course costs £40 for the 4 weeks (4 x 1 hour), Home courses 121s or groups at your chosen location costs £60 for the 4 weeks (4 x 1 hour), Drop-ins at the Dockland Settlements Community Centre costs £10 per 1 hour class. All prices apply per parent & baby pair.

Type of classes

Patsy approached the Dockland Settlements in Rotherhithe about providing baby massage services there and they really feel their community would benefit from this. We asked Patsy to list all the available and upcoming classes. Here are the different options (don’t forget to check WISE16 Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as our website for updates)

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Wellbeing Classes are:

[list][item icon=”fa-info-circle” ][/item]Holding & Reassurance Program: Antenatal[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-info-circle” ][/item]Holding & Reassurance Program: Postnatal for babies from birth to 6 to 8 weeks[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-info-circle” ][/item]Developmental Baby Massage: Postnatal for babies from 6 to 8 weeks to Standing[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-info-circle” ][/item]Baby Massage: Postnatal for babies from Standing to 13 months[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-info-circle” ][/item]Colic Massage Clinic: Postnatal[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-info-circle” ][/item]Kids Yoga: coming soon – summer 2017[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-info-circle” ][/item]Stretch Classes: coming soon – summer 2017[/list]

Massage Therapy Services are:

[list][item icon=”fa-info-circle” ][/item]Deep Tissue Massage[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-info-circle” ][/item]Pregnancy Massage – ante and postnatal[/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-info-circle” ][/item]Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage[/list]

Dockland Settlements Rotherhithe Centre is located at 400 Salter Road, Rotherhithe SE16 5AA

For further questions and registrations, please get in touch with the Dockland Settlements Community Centre Rotherhithe reception ( 020 7231 7108) or email Patsy direct 

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Blissed Bods -Patsy Jawo
Patsy Jawo | Blissbods Health Founder

About Patsy Jawo and

Patsy Jawo was previously a Computer Programmer and then a Business Improvement Analyst/ Consultant in the Banking and Finance Industry. In order to spend more time with family Patsy gave up a lucrative career and retrained as a Clinical Massage Therapist, Developmental Baby Massage Instructor, Fitness Instructor and Kids Yoga Instructor. Patsy is registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) who are accredited by the UK Government body for health and social care. Patsy also lectures at the London School of Massage.

Blissbods Health allows people to partner with a safe, caring and family friendly Fitness Instructor and CNHC Registered Massage Therapist who is committed to the highest standards of client care for the whole family. Patsy offers Wellbeing Classes and Massage Therapy services.

Patsy’s Qualifications: Peter Walker’s Developmental Baby Massage Teacher Training; Level 2 Fitness Instructor; Kids Yoga Instructor; Pregnancy Massage Diploma; NO HANDS Massage Practitioner; Sports Massage ITEC Level 3; Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage Diploma; Clinical Sport & Remedial Massage BTEC Level 5 Diploma, BSc (Hons) Communications & Information Studies.

Patsy’s Corporate career: Computer Programmer & Mainframe Developer, Process Governance Manager; Business Analyst; Lean & Six Sigma Accredited; Business Change Consultant, Operational Re-Engineering Manager; Digital On-boarding Business Change Manager.

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