‘Class of 2020’ exhibition, 10-23 Dec 2020

Class of 2020, an end-of-year show to document an extraordinary 12 months, an exhibition which is all about your 2020 and how you have responded artistically.

The incredible partnership between Rod Kitson and Surrey Quays Shopping Centre management has produced a series of unmissable exhibitions during this difficult year focus on our experiences with COVID-19, isolation and lockdowns. These free events were open to all and with a strong local community involvement, the response has been positive.

For his final exhibition of 2020, artist Rod Kitson called out budding artists of all levels to submit their entries from all over the world and the response was amazing with some participants sending their artwork from the U.S.A. or Uruguay.

This is a must-visit to understand how this strange and difficult year has affected the lives of so many people across the world and their different emotional and artistic responses.

Class of 2020

This inclusive exhibition will run from 10th – 23rd December at his unit on the upper floor at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre.

  • Dates: 10th to 23rd. of December
  • Opening times: 10-6pm daily, except Thursdays (12-7pm and Sundays 12-5pm).
  • Address: The Art of Isolation Gallery Space, Top Floor, Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, Redriff Road, London SE16 7LL
  • Free entry

To find out more and submit your entries, visit www.rodkitson.art.

“We were there, we experienced it together – and these were our creative responses”.

The spirit of Class of 2020 exhibition

Buy unique artworks for Christmas

In the second week of the show buyers would be able to take the work home with them on the day, to help maximise sales for people wanting to sell, and for people wanting unique Christmas presents.

The gallery space

Throughout September and October, Southwark artist Rod Kitson held his ‘Boxed In’ exhibition at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre where he invited members of the public to help him re-create a living room out of cardboard. This being the second of his lockdown-themed exhibitions, Rod got the idea for the interactive exhibition from the isolation of being in lockdown. 

“After the success of The Art of Isolation Isolation earlier this year I’m keeping lots of the elements that worked so well, including the tightly packed salon hang”, said Rod.

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