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Rubbish In Deal Porter Square In Canada Water, Rotherhithe

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Deal Porter Square, also known by many locals as Canada Water Plaza, was built with the aim of being a new public realm which will provide cohesion to the area and there was talks to open up the Canada Water Culture Space to the square.

Years ago,  a small group of traders helped to set up what it was known as Canada Water Plaza Market, which is run by Southwark Council. The market has never been properly promoted by the council so it has been a rough path for those trading there. Nevertheless, the street food traders’ persistence and good work has set this spot in Rotherhithe as a new destination for foodies or anyone who fancy having a lunch break or takeaway food.

But with food, waste follows and the square is showing signs of an increasing deterioration visible in the photo gallery above; those images were taking in a early Sunday morning after what it would have been a busy Saturday trading day.

We heard reports of traders demanding more bins and bigger, of residents wanting more regular collections and clean up of the square and so far, not much has been done.

In addition, young people use the square as skateboard park. This is seen as anti-social behaviour by some residents in the area who complained of skateboard users causing nuisance with the constant noise or causing a health issue when performing stunts across the square or on the steps  as reported by WISE16 and other Twitter followers.

The lack of attention by the council is also shown in one of the trees surrounding the square and now dead, which should have been replaced a while ago.

If you agree with all the above, please, let your local MP in the area know or write to Southwark Council


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