DiEM25 The Essential UK Referendum debate

DiEM25 The Essential UK Referendum debate

Sands Films cinema is hosting a special event this evening with the main subject of the EU Leave or Remain campaign with DIEM25, THE UK REFERENDUM presentation and debate

[textmarker color=”000000″]Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at 7:30 PM[/textmarker]

Debate at Sands Films: Left Out? ...or Consolidate?
Debate at Sands Films: Left Out? …or Consolidate?


Sam Hufton and Andrè Alves deliver presentations sketching out the primary components of economic and socio-political frameworks to the In/Out debate followed by a debate between Marina Prentoulis  and Aaron Bastani arguing contending left perspectives on the Brexit arguments winding up with a half-hour Q&A

[textmarker color=”000000″]TICKETS ARE FREE THOUGH YOU MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE[/textmarker]
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Maria Prentoulis
Maria Prentoulis

Marina Prentoulis is Senior Lecturer in Media and Politics at the University of East Anglia, UK and spokesperson for ‘Another Europe‘ She is currently working on social movements in Europe. She participates actively in discussions and collaborates with written and online media such as Open Democracy

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Aaron Bastini
Aaron Bastini

Aaron Bastani is a British political commentator, broadcaster and writer of Iranian descent. Bastani was educated at University College London before completing his doctorate at Royal Holloway, University of London under Professor Andrew Chadwick

Bastani is the co-founder of Novara Media and has interviewed individuals such as Natalie Bennett, Owen Jones, Jeremy Corbyn, Caroline Lucas and Paul Mason. He also frequently co-hosts Novara’s weekly radio show on Resonance FM ‘NovaraFM’. Bastani has written for The Guardian,[2] Vice[3] and the London Review of Books as well as appearing on CNBC  Channel 4 News and Sky News

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[blockquote author=”DIEM25″]For all their concerns with global competitiveness, migration and terrorism, only one prospect truly terrifies the Powers of Europe: Democracy! [/blockquote]

[button link=”http://diem25.org” size=”large” icon=”fa-globe” side=”left” target=”blank” color=”b70900″ textcolor=”ffffff”]Visit DiEM25 website [/button]


Sands Films Special Event

Sands Films Cinema. 82 Saint Marychurch Street, SE16 4HZ London United Kingdom

Seats are limited and each booking reduces the number of seats available to others. If you cannot attend, please cancel as soon as possible your booking by going to “MY TICKETS” on the email Eventbrite has sent you: this is the best way to release your seat to someone else and to enable us to refund your contribution.

If the film is SOLD OUT, there will be an automated waiting list, this will contact you if and when a seat becomes available.

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