Illuminate Rotherhithe and Bermondsey 2019 Lantern Making Workshops

Illuminate Rotherhithe 2019

Illuminate Rotherhithe is now on its 3rd year and getting bigger. The free annual Autumn festival is inspired by the histories of the Thames river, the docks, migration and the sailing of the Mayflower ship and the pilgrims.

The festival is an inclusive event for and with local people at heart and open to everyone who wants to join in. The highlight of the event is a lantern parade, which is extended to cover Bermondsey in 2019. In addition to the workshops below, there will be a Illuminate Community show, the Tales and Songs of Migration concert, a family barn dance and films.

All the events are free.

Free Lantern Making Workshops dates

Pop in and join in to create your own lantern to take part in the Illuminate Rotherhithe and Illuminate Bermondsey parades.

The lantern procession will go through Rotherhithe and Bermondsey on Friday 29th November starting at 5pm. You can claim a free night light to illuminate your lantern.

Saturday 26th October 12 noon

Made in Bermondsey, 10 Market Place, Bermondsey, London SE16 3UQ

Saturday 2 November 10.30 am

Mayflower Hall, 1 Neptune St, Rotherhithe, London SE16 7JP

Wednesday 13 November 2.00 pm

Cherry Garden Hall, 210 Jamaica Rd, Bermondsey, London SE16 4RT

Friday 15th November 4.00 pm

Crafty Beasts T&T2, opposite Tesco Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, Redriff Rd, Rotherhithe, London SE16 7LL

Saturday 16th November 10.30 am

Blue Anchor Library, Bermondsey, Market Place, London SE16 3UQ

Saturday 23 November 11.00 am

Canada Estate Hall, Moodkee Street, SE16 7BD at the junction of Renforth St.

Saturday 23 November 3.30 pm

Time and Talents 2, opposite Tesco, Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, Redriff Rd, Rotherhithe, London SE16 7LL

Tuesday 26th November

Beormund Centre 6.30 pm 177 Abbey St, Bermondsey, London SE1 2AN

Illuminate Rotherhithe and Illuminate Bermondsey Lantern Parades 2019
Lantern Procession across Rotherhithe and Bermondsey

Make your own lantern template

If you can’t make it to any of the workshops, save this image and print it to create your own lantern at home.