Kammermusik by Beethoven, Schubert and Schumann – 4 Nov 2020

Sands Films Music Room presents an evening of “ Kammermusik”, streamed live Rotherhithe

About this Event

Live stream concert: each poignant note of Beethoven and that which is reflected through his contemporaries, Schubert and Schumann resonate in tribute to him, providing an auditory feast; cello, voice and piano combine to weave a web of intimacy and poetry.

Schumann’s Im Volkeston lingers like the delicate fragrant flowers that rather than stamp through the salon in triumph, refresh like the wind in a quiet circle. Currents infuse Schubert’s “Auf dem strom”, his homage to Beethoven. Whispered echoes of the Eroica symphony infuse poetic reflections of the eternal river flow that separates lovers by fate and the tides of time.

The narrator, cut off from human contact in isolation trusts in fate that might one day unite us all under the glittering stars. Beethoven’s Cello Sonata from his late period summons the enigma of what he coined his “free sonata” metaphorically inviting the cellist to cross from one bank of the Danube to the other. It moves from the intimacy of conversational exchanges to a humorous and ironic joyous finale.

To conclude a marriage of Beethoven and Celtic poetry in a Scottish Folksong on the perils and intimacies of love.

As the outside world seems less accessible, this livestream will conjure both hope and warmth. Turn off your phone, tune in, light the candles, scatter the cushions and let the music beguile you.The players will speak about the music: the performance would be 60 min overall.

Kammermusik by Beethoven, Schubert and Schumann

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