Radio Elusia is a new weekly podcast from Boundless Theatre

Set in the sprawling fictional city of Elusia, Radio Elusia is a new weekly podcast from Boundless Theatre, about transmission and revolution.

From the seventeenth floor, Raphael watches the city for signs of a revolution, his voice echoing through a homemade radio transmitter to the streets below.  He watches.  He waits.  One day, he disappears. 

Now, years later, it’s down to Lia and Suz to continue where he left off.  But will a revolution ever come if we just wait for it?

boundless theatre Radio Elusia Podcast

Radio Elusia 

  • written by Nina Segal
  • directed by Rob Drummer
  • Original Music and Sound Design by Father
  • Season Associate Director Robert Awosusi

If you like what you hear then please pass it on. Your help in sharing the podcast is greatly appreciated. Shout about it on social, forward this email or take to the forums and if you know a teenager looking for something new then we’d love you to introduce them to the show. 

About Boundless Theatre

Boundless Theatre creates exhilarating, relevant and shareable theatre with and for young people and curious others. Our work responds to a vibrant and diverse global culture.

We empower, inspire and invest in future audiences and artists now.

We embrace experimentation and new ways of thinking to promote conversation and the exchange of ideas in every space young adults occupy.

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