Recycle your Christmas trees at Stave Hill Ecology Centre


This is the time of the year in which many real Christmas tree end up thrown away. You can now take steps to make good use of them by turning into a much needed mulch for use around the woodland of the Russian Dock Woodland and Stave Hill Ecological area.

Take your real Christmas trees to the Eco Centre and leave them by the entrance near Stave Hill, Dock Hill Avenue.

To learn more about Stave Hill

Christmas Tree to be recycled as mulch
Photo: STEVE CORNISH / Twitter: @slooshbag5

Other alternatives

Real Christmas tree recycling by Southwark Council

Please recycle your real Christmas tree once you’re finished with it. Simply remove all decorations including any pot or stand and do one of the following:

  • if you have a food and garden waste collection real Christmas trees can be collected as part of your normal household collection, simply leave it by your bin on collection day or;
  • if you don’t have a food and garden waste collection now, book a special one off garden collection on our website or send an email to with your address, so we can add it to the next collection in your area; you’ll need to make sure it’s accessible for the crew to collect
  • alternatively real Christmas trees and plastic Christmas trees can be brought to the Reuse and Recycling centre on Devon Street (off old Kent Road)

Unwanted artificial trees and decoration

Had enough of Christmas? If fell out of Christmas mood or think you won’t need the Christmas decoration for whatever reason, don’t just throw it away. If you can keep, recycle it next Christmas by giving up to charities or put it on sites such as freecycle. Otherwise, it will be more items added to the landfill

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