Remembrance Sunday 8 Nov 2020

Remembrance Sunday commemorates the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts and it’s held on the second Sunday in November every year.

This Remembrance Sunday will be a little different to previous years, because of COVID-19 and the new national restrictions announced by the government.

There is clear guidance on what measures must be taken for any local events, and we urge residents to follow these to keep themselves and others safe.

With these restrictions and safety in mind, and following discussions with the Royal British Legion, the Mayor of Southwark and Southwark Council will be marking the day with a virtual service and wreath laying in Southwark Cathedral, which was pre-recorded before the new restrictions came into force.

In line with the advice of the government and the Royal British Legion, the council will also mark Remembrance Sunday by laying wreaths at various locations throughout the borough during the day.

We would also encourage all residents to take part in the Act of Remembrance by observing a two minute silence either on your doorstep or in your home. You may also wish to lay your own wreath at home. You can find more information about that, and donate money instead of buying a poppy, on the Royal British Legion’s website

You can also place a poppy in your window – either download and print the pdf attached, or pick up a copy of Southwark News this week which includes a poster to display.

Remembrance Day

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