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Rotherhithe Movement Plan Project overview. Over the coming years the Rotherhithe area will see many changes, including new residential and commercial developments. Anticipating changes to the way that people travel in the area we are proposing to introduce a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), changing the Lower Road one way system and building a new cycle route as part of a continuation of Cycleway 4, and introducing the Rotherhithe Cycleway to link Peckham and Rotherhithe.

Consultation drop in sessions

If you would like to discuss and view the changes come along to one of the following drop in sessions:

  • 23 July, 5.30pm to 8pm | Canada Water Library
  • 8 August, 6pm to 8pm | Osprey Estate TRA hall
  • 30 August, 12pm to 6pm | Canada Water Library
  • 7 September, 12pm to 6pm | Bacon’s College

Scheme objectives

As a response to the changes in the Rotherhithe area the council have developed designs on four separate, but linked projects, as outlined below and we would like your views on the proposals and the individual elements within them.

The main objectives we want to achieve are to:

Enable people to lead more active lives, by providing better cycling and walking environments while maintaining and improving your current quality of life by mitigating the effect that any new developments will have on parking and how you travel.

Rotherhithe Movement Plan
Your feedback is important. Ensure you send your comments before the closing dates for each consultation

Consultation details

Please click on each of the individual consultations for more information and links below to have your say

We want to change how the streets perform so that we can improve:

  • walking – by providing new crossings and widening footways
  • cycling – by providing segregated cycleway
  • bus reliability – improving bus journey times
  • local access issues – by creating two-way streets
  • public realm – such as Lower Road shopping area

Closes 4 Oct 2019 | Click link below to give your opinion

Lower Road area and cycleway 4 consultation

Contact | 0207 5250 822|

The changes in the Rotherhithe area in the coming years mean that a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) for the area is essential. In particular, this is the only way to enforce the permit-free planning conditions for the Canada Water development and prevent an inevitable increase in parking pressure on your streets.

We are consulting with you and asking what type of CPZ would suit you best, focusing on the hours of operation and the locations of paid parking bays. Unusually, on this occasion, we will not be able to present the option of not having a CPZ, understanding that some may be disappointed by this, but we hope you will understand the long term benefits this will bring.

Consultation closes 4 Oct 2019 | Click link below to give your opinion

Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks CPZ consultation

Contact: 020 7525 2665 |

A cycling demand has been identified between Rotherhithe and Peckham we have therefore developed proposals for the section between Hawkstone Road and Rotherhithe Street along Redriff Road and Salter Road. The route identified links proposed and existing cycle routes in the area and will further encourage and assist active travel.

Consultation closes 4 Oct 2019 | Click link below to give your opinion

Rotherhithe cycleway consultation

Contact | 0207 5250 822|

Rotherhithe Movement Plan Project timeline

Cabinet member decision dates

  • Lower Road one-way system – January 2020
  • CPZ – November 2019
  • Cycleway 4 (Cycle Super Highway 4) – January 2020
  • Rotherhithe cycleway – November 2019

Email Highways | Telephone: CPZ queries: 020 7525 2665 Other queries: 020 7525 0822

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