Sands Films Cinema: The Nights of Cabiria – 26 Jan 2021

The Nights of Cabiria, starring Giulietta Masina, is one of Federico’s Fellini’s masterpieces. Like Joyless Street (last week screening) it is about another young woman, alone with her moral compass and integrity, confronting another entire society collapsing after yet another war. In this case she is a prostitute, but she is not corrupt: she has not sold her soul.

“Fellini has acknowledged the influence on this film of Charles Chaplin’s City Lights (1930), the most essential American film of the Great Depression and among the most hauntingly, ambiguously open-ended films. We shall see that The Nights of Cabiria ends in a similarly “open” fashion. In the meantime, we can point to Chaplin’s influence elsewhere: Fellini’s blend of comedy and pathos; the film’s satirical social canvas; Cabiria herself, whose dogged persistence in an inhospitable, humiliating universe recalls that of Charlie the Tramp in City Lights and other Chaplin films.”

(Quotes: D. Grunes)


Testing the stream connection will be around 7.45, the presentation will start at 8.00 sharp and the film soon after. Join us, send comments and support us if you can.

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