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WISE16 features selected events from Sands Films extensive programme of films, theatre and talks. Though most of them will be free, booking is required and donations welcome. For times and bookings tickets on Eventbrite, click here

Tuesday Cinema Club: Modern Times

Tuesday 16 July| 8.30pm |Films of 1936 season| Modern Times |Charles Chaplin | 1936| Free, booking required

Charles Chaplin’s Modern Times is one of cinema’s greatest satirical comedies. Chaplin’s last silent comedy is also the last Chaplin’s performance of the Tramp. Although not of the same rank as City Lights or The Great Dictator (1940), Modern Times is terrific.

In some ways it resembles a hilarious version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis(1927), but not one resolved in a reconciliation between labor and management. Chaplin’s comedy is about the plight of the ordinary man as he struggles to survive in a depressed economy; it is about someone who seeks to be reconciled with life.

In some of its scenes the film also has about it an air of futurism; but, as they say, the future is here (as indeed Metropolis also suggested). Charlie’s series of jobs, pursued when he is not doing time in prison, always underscores rather than stabilizes the precariousness of his position both as worker and as human being. Charlie works to the full, but his familiar ill-fitting garb, including the oversized shoes, baggy pants and too-small everything else, reminds us that, for all his best efforts, Charlie can never “fit in” but must remain in some sense one of society’s outcasts.

At film’s end he is on the road again, searching for the home in America that hopefully lies somewhere ahead. It’s true that he winds up with a companion, the gamin played by Chaplin’s actual wife at the time, Paulette Goddard, but so did he end up partnered, in another time and place, in Chaplin’s masterpiece, The Gold Rush, and just up ahead was the bereftness and isolation conferred on the Tramp by The Circus (1928) in its devastating conclusion.

In Chaplin’s major films, we constantly see Charlie at work, and yet he remains the Tramp—an index of the elusiveness of the American Dream.

  • Food is not allowed inside the cinema.
  • Please DO NOT book a seat if you are not sure of your availability. Seats are limited and each booking reduces the number of seats available to others. If you cannot attend, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible by going to “MY TICKETS” on the email from Eventbrite; this will release your seat to someone else
  • If the film is SOLD OUT, there will be an automated waiting list, which will contact you if/when a seat becomes available.
  • Upon leaving the cinema, please consider making a donation towards the running costs to support the cinema club. 

In Pursuit of Laughter: A commedia Workshop

Saturday 20 July| 10am |Theatre | Free, £25 donation suggested | Booking required

Sands Films Studios presents In Pursuit of Laughter: A commedia Workshop by Barry. This is an unique opportunity to participate in this theatre workshop which includes lunch in the studios canteen.

The event is free though we strongly suggest to donate to help towards the running costs of this venue offering so many free activities.

ARCC Russian Film Studies

Saturday 20 July | 6pm “ARCC Russian Film Studies | Brother | Aleksey Balabanov| 1997| Free

Anglo Russian Culture Club presents Brother. After finishing his military service, young Danila Bagrov (Sergey Bodrov ml.) seeks help from his older brother (Viktor Sukhorukov), a gangster in St. Petersburg, who puts him to work as a hired gun. Danila kills a Chechen crime boss and is wounded in the attack. He is pursued by the man’s cohorts and goes on the run, but finds time to enjoy the city’s nightlife and have some romantic adventures. However, as his new identity solidifies, Danila begins to question who he has become.

The screening will be preceded by a presentation starting at 6.00 PM and may last up to 45 minutes. Please do not eat in the cinema, please do not use your mobile devises during the talk nor the screening. Upon leaving the cinema, if you have not done so online, please make a donation towards our running costs and support your club.

 Russian Film Studies 2019

 ARCC introduces a series of Russian-speaking films rarely or never seen in the UK. These films will be introduced from a transcultural perspective. We encourage our members and audiences to move away from revivalist narratives of origin, nation, and belonging and to reflect critically on vicissitudes of history and art in Russian-speaking space – both inside and outside Russia. We emphasise interconnectedness and complexity of experiences that shape individual and collective imaginaries and the importance of a continuous scholarly and artistic dialogue.

About Sands Films

An independent film production facility operating in an 18th century listed building in Rotherhithe since 1975. In addition to the studio facilities and the costume service, the venue is home to the Rotherhithe Picture Research Library; it can also be hire for private or public events

Disclaimer: WISE16 cannot be held responsible for any event changes or cancellation. We strongly recommend to check with the organiser if you have any questions, especially for those events which require paying a fee.

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