Sands Films Studios presents Farrebique

A remarkable Joris Ivens-style French documentary filmed in 1945. Farrebique owes much to Jean Epstein, Robert Flaherty and Henri Storck and looks ahead to the Taviani brothers among others, but it has a distinct feel of its own.

It is about the passing of a year in the lives of a family of farmers in rural France just after the liberation. It documents a way of life, a marking of a time and place. These farmers are simple but devout people – stone pillars marking entrances are topped with semi-ornate crosses in the French style, the family say their prayers in front of the fireplace very night before retiring as a matter of course, Catholic priests make their visits on foot.

It also documents how the family disperse, to Montpelier, Avignon and, in the case of some daughters, to convents. Only the eldest son will inherit the farmstead. The rest of the family must make their own way.

Sands Films Studios presents Farrebique

Testing the stream connection will be around 7.45, the presentation will start at 8.00 sharp and the film soon after.

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