Southwark Overview and Scrutiny Committee discuss Canada Water Masterplan

On Wednesday 4th March 2021, representatives of developers of key regeneration projects were invited to attend the committee via zoom. These are the four developers who attended:

  • British Land (Canada Water Masterplan)
  • Lend Lease (Elephant Park)
  • Notting Hill Genesis
  • Network Rail (covering Denmark Hill and Peckham Rye Station upgrades)

If you are interested in the presentation by Canada Water Masterplan, skip video to 11:30

The meeting was broadcast live on YouTube and you can watch it again below. For further information on how the Southwark committee works, click on the button below

Councillors attending

  • Councillor Jack Buck
  • Councillor Everton Roberts
  • Councillor Jane Salmon
  • Councillor Jason Ochere
  • Councillor Sarah King
  • Councillor Leanne Werner
  • Councillor Humara Ali
  • Councillor Richard Livingstone
  • Ian Wingfield
  • Councillor Peter Babudu
  • Councillor Victor Chamberlain
  • Councillor Sunny Lambe
  • Councillour Jane Salmon

OSC examines and monitors the performance of services provided by the council and other agencies.  It can review the council’s budget and policies and question cabinet members about how they are improving services.

Most scrutiny meetings are livestreamed or recorded.  The individual meeting recordings can be reached here on the meeting pages and they are hosted on the council’s youtube channel:

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