Southwark Park Vision and Development Framework Consultation Report Published

Community Southwark carried out a community consultation to help Southwark council identify key priorities for Southwark Park. They have undertaken a community consultation to help the council to shape and develop proposals to secure future investment in the park

Southwark Park Vision and Development Framework

The results of this initial consultation will be used to further develop proposals based on local priorities. Updates will be posted on Southwark council’s website shortly.

About the Consultation

Community Southwark undertook a consultation with local residents regarding the future of Southwark Park and the improvements they would like to see to the parks facilities. The results from the consultation will help to shape the council’s subsequent plans for the park’s renovation.

The consultation engaged local residents, schools, community groups, businesses, employees, and other key stakeholders, who live and work in the area surrounding Southwark Park. Through carrying out the public consultation the project gained valuable information such as:

  1. What residents and other key stakeholders think about the park
  2. Residents’ and stakeholders’ priorities for changes or improvements
  3. Levels of satisfaction with the park

Community Southwark are ideally placed to deliver this consultation as it utilises their existing expertise and knowledge which has enabled them to develop a successful VCSO for Southwark.

About Southwark Park

Opened in 1869, Southwark Park is a Grade II listed park and garden and has endured in the local community for over 150 years as a space to relax, experience nature, and participate in sport and physical activities. The park covers an area of 63 acres in the northern heartlands of the London Borough of Southwark, near the banks of the River Thames.

Southwark Park is an English Heritage Grade Two Listed amenity, and one of London’s oldest parks. First opened to the public in 1869, the park has always been a most important place for the people of Bermondsey and Rotherhithe to enjoy. Nowadays it also attracts many visitors from outside Southwark.

The park has endured in the local community for over 150 years as a space to relax, experience nature, and participate in sport and physical activities.

Over the decades, Southwark Park has been home to many stories and has a strong links with the changes in Bermondsey and Rotherhithe. Nowadays, the impact of climate change and social and economy changes in the area means that the preservation of the park and how this green space is used is more relevant than ever.

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