Southwark Pioneers Fund available for residents in the borough

Business and entrepeneurs

Southwark Council has launched the Southwark Pioneers Fund for 2019 – 2022. The council wishes to support our creative and entrepreneurial residents to start up, grow and lead their enterprises successfully, and enhance inclusive growth in the local economy.

A phased approach will be taken to the delivery of the Fund’s support, beginning with the award of grants of up to £5000. The grants are to assist those enterprises and entrepreneurs who may be piloting, testing and experimenting with new/innovative solutions, and/or at an early stage in their growth journey.

Eligibility for Southwark Pioneers Fund grants

Prior to filling out the Southwark Pioneers Fund grant application form, check to ensure that you meet each of the following criteria:

  • you’re over 18 years old
  • you’re registered with Companies House, or registered as a charity, or registered as a sole trader with HMRC
  • your enterprise is registered to a Southwark postcode or you can demonstrate that you wish to start-up and grow in Southwark within the next three months
  • you’re a micro-enterprise / charity or entrepreneur with fewer than 10 full time employees
  • you’re a micro-enterprise / charity or entrepreneur at an early stage of your business life cycle (0-5 years) and/or you have the intention to grow and scale

How to apply for a Southwark Pioneers Fund grant

The Fund exists to support enterprises in Southwark to start and grow, and to deliver social value for the Southwark community. Fund grant applications with the best chance of success will be those that demonstrate the strength of the enterprise idea and that the grant will be used to achieve social value.

If you have further questions, click here to email Southwark Council Local Economy Team here

Source: Southwark Council