Take part in Fizz Free February

Could you and your family give up fizzy drinks for February? Taking part in Fizz Free February is a great way to reduce your sugar intake by cutting out fizzy drinks. It can also help you on your way to drinking less sugary drinks for the rest of the year.

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Schools across the borough have taken up  the challenge to go ‘fizz free’ this month. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has added his support to the third annual campaign which has seen Councillor Evelyn Akoto out and about at school assemblies to raise awareness. Councillor Akoto who is the  Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Public Health has also made a special visit to Cobourg Primary School in Bermondsey. 

Southwark Primary Schools are Fizz Free this February

At Cobourg School, the councillor and a group of pupils campaign chatted about the benefits of opting for water instead of soft drinks. The visit was featured on London Live last week ahead of the start of ‘Fizz Free February’ on the first of the month. 

This year’s local approach to communicating the importance of a national issue is making an impact even beyond the UK.  Although ‘Fizz Free February’ was first devised by Southwark,  local authorities, primary schools and community groups across the country are promoting better health through informed nutritional choices. People invested in promoting healthier lives for children are actively raising awareness of the risks and consequences of hidden sugars. Fizz Free February has become popular with an international audience in EU countries and as far as New Zealand.  

Students at Cobourg School
Students at Cobourg School

  “We’re so pleased primary schools around the borough and around the country have taken on the importance of drinking more water. Cola and other drinks can contain up to ten teaspoons of sugar. The total recommended amount of sugar per day is just six teaspoons. Really, the best option is for everyone to be more aware of hidden sugar. In the longer-term, our individual choices support Southwark and other communities in tackling childhood obesity. Everyone should have the best chance to lead a healthier life.”

Councillor Akoto

Get involved

There is still time to get involved and raise awareness at home, in school and socially. Participation in Fizz Free February by primary schools continues throughout the month. Townsend Primary holding an assembly on Thursday, 6th February where pupils will join interactive sessions to learn about maintaining good dental and physical wellbeing by learning about sugar in fizzy drinks.

Primary school pupils are not the only influencers. The Mayor of London, local councillors, BBC presenters like Sue Atkins and Naomi Kennedy, and bloggers like Melanie Purnode and John Adams are amongst hundreds of people tweeting nationally about #FizzFreeFeb  and #GoFizzFree.

It is anticipated local and national celebrities will also join the conversation throughout February. Anyone who wants to share their commitment to cut back on hidden sugars is welcome to tag @lb_southwark using the campaign hashtags.

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