The Good Soldier Schwejk performance

The Good Soldier Schwejk performance

The Good Soldier Schwejk performance is a new satirical comedy based on Jaroslav Hašek’s W.W.I novel, written and directed by Christine Edzard, will be performed at the theatre within Sands Films Studios. This unique live event is taking place within the film studio, because it’s also going to be filmed. Schwejk is an energetic comedy about the absurdity of war.

The enthusiastic young cast, led by newcomer Alfie Stewart (23) as the Good Soldier, will perform the play cabaret-style, from July 7th-17th, with one matinée on Saturday 15th July.

The Good Soldier Schwejk was originally written by Jaroslav Hašek and published as a serialized novel nearly a hundred years ago in Prague. It became an instant success. Its author Jaroslav Hašek died in 1923 leaving the novel unfinished. By 1926 it was translated into German and had acquired cult status across Europe.Since then, the good soldier has appeared in many forms across the world, as a powerfully comic symbol of anti authoritarianism, anti militarism and resistance.

There will be only six live performances of The Good Soldier Schwejk. Click on any of the dates below to book

Tickets: £50 special  / £30 standard  / £20 concessions. All tickets for the preview night on Friday 7th July will be £50. Seat capacity limited, book early to avoid missing it!


Christine Edzard, writer and director of the project, is best known for her 1987 film Little Dorrit (a six hour adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel, which G.B. Shaw considered “more seditious than Das Kapital”). She has written and will direct this new version of The Good Soldier Schwejk based on the satirical Czech novel by Jaroslav Hašek.

This will be Edzard’s sixth film as director since Little Dorrit. Edzard will present a contemporary ‘take’ on Hašek’s original in an unconventional adaptation. A small cast will take on multiple roles, and there will be live music and (partially scripted) audience participation. Editing will take place after the shoot in the normal way. It also has an unexpected take on its hero. It distances itself from the cosy, rotund middle aged man of Josef Lada’s illustrations(which Hažek never saw) and reconnects with the original inspiration for the novel – Františec Straslipka – a very young man, seemingly innocent, sweetly provocative.

About The Good Soldier Schwejk project

The project is a comedy. It is a political comedy. Its subject is the utterly criminal absurdity of WAR. It is a stage adaptation and a film of Jaroslav Hasek’s unfinished masterpiece

In 1914, 3.35 million young men were called up to fight the war in the Austro-Hungarian Army. 1 million of them died but The Good SOldier Schwejk came out of it to tell.

In 1923, The Good Soldier Schwejk gains fame in a Czech satirical serial.

In 1926, The Good Soldier Schwekl is translated into German and becomes a huge sucess. His name spreads across Central Europe.

On the eve of the Second World War, The Good Soldier Schwejk comes to England when Joan Littlewood puts him onto the stage in Manchester.

Come the Cold War, The Korean War, The Vietnam War and The Good Soldier Schwejk triumphs at Stratford Theatre Royal,

Come the War in Afghanistan, the War in Iraq, the War in Syria and The Good Soldier Schwejk is still here: he is coming to Sands Films with a lot more to say.

Join in, share and spread The Good Soldier Schwejk camaraderie!

Audience participation is crucial to The Good Soldier Schwejk. Sands Films are aiming to spread the word about him through campaigns you can get involved with, which you can find on the website below. Sands Films think that supporting him is a form of political activism!

Sands Films Studios is looking for people who think that war is not a solution to conflicts an dfor people who may be interested in The Good Soldier Schwejk project to help spread that idea. They are looking for people to talk about it, for people to participate in it, for people to finance it.

You can also follow Schwejk Twitter and Facebook pages to find out more about The Good Soldier Schwejk film project.   @Schwejk_Sands   soldierschwejk

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Sands Films recent Kickstarter campaign raised £39,145 pledged of £39,000 goal. You can read about the project and the campaign by clicking the link below

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Sand Films Stage

Sands Films Studios LogoNo food allowed inside in the stage area

Seats are limited and each booking reduces the number of seats available to others. If you cannot attend, please cancel as soon as possible your booking by going to “MY TICKETS” on the email Eventbrite has sent you: this is the best way to release your seat to someone else and to enable us to refund your contribution.

If tickets are SOLD OUT, there will be an automated waiting list, this will contact you if and when a seat becomes available.


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