Watersports Youth Matters with Restorative Justice For All

Summer In Rotherhithe

Watersports Youth Matters with Restorative Justice For All in partnership with Surrey Docks Fitness and Watersports Centre from 16th July to 24th August

Tuesdays, Wednesdays from 4.30pm to 7pm and Saturdays from 9.3am to 4pm

Watersports Youth Matters In Partnership with “Surrey Docks Fitness and Watersports Centre”

Watersports Youth Matters (WYM) is a summer, restorative justice youth-led project that will use watersports as a vehicle to:

  • Provide marginalised children and young people with positive summer opportunities
  • Help increase social and community cohesion in an increasingly divided community in SE16 London
  • Reduce isolation and loneliness among young people, while improving health outcomes for them and their families.
  • For more information and bookings, email rjfoall.institute@gmail.com or visit www.rj4all.info/watersports-youth-matters

The WYM Project

Using the underlying values of restorative justice (such as power sharing, involvement in decision making, equality and dialogue), WYM will create a safe space and new opportunities for young people to work together as equals, breaking down stereotypes. 
We will work directly with children and young people, teaching them how to sail and perform watersports, give them access to boats/canoeing, help them to advance to the various RYA stages and provide them with opportunities to compete with each other. 
Alongside sailing and canoeing, WYM will also generate high quality volunteering opportunities for local children and young people who tend to be excluded. Volunteering activities include running and evaluating the project, social action and campaigning. 

What are aiming to achieve?

Sailing builds confidence and gets children and young people together independently of social class, backgrounds, abilities and cultures. It is also a powerful tool to foster community cohesion and can reach socially isolated groups such as children and young people at risk of exclusion. Through shared learning and watersports, we anticipate multiple outcomes for all participants

  • A boost in their confidence and self-awareness
  • An increase in trust between all participants

As well as:

  • The ability to sail and continue doing watersports in the future 
  • Progress to different RYA levels
  • Learn about culture and increase self-confidence and cultural awareness
  • Receive accredited learning on project management  and be part of the projects Youth Scrutiny Panel.

Disclaimer: WISE16 cannot be held responsible for any event changes or cancellation. We strongly recommend to check with the organiser if you have any questions, especially for those events which require paying a fee.

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