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Russian Dock Woodland

Are you a person who is passionate about gardening?

Are you local to Rotherhithe or live nearby?

Are you a keen writer?

Would you like to be part of WISE16 community web project?

If so, you may be interested to hearing that we are looking for a collaborator.

If you follow our account in Twitter, you may have noticed that we are very  passionate about ecology and green issues, which are so important to anyone living in Rotherhithe. We also love gardening as we think it plays an important role in the ecosystem of the area.

Therefore, we decide that it would be a nice idea to feature posts on gardening in a weekly or fortnightly basics.

What would you write about?

These posts on gardening should focus on articles for people who are sometimes too busy to get started with potting and growing their own plants, yet they are keen to give it a go .

We are also interested in stories and highlights of the natural spaces in the area such as Russia Dock, Stave Hill and other green areas in Rotherhithe and Bermondsey.

Any submitted piece of writing must be original and it will published in our website and share via our Twitter feeds and Facebook page under the author’s name.

This is a collaborative role which we’ll continue from spring to autumn with the intention to extend it.

If you feel you would like to take part, please contact us by our contact page or social media.

If you have your own blog or website but you are willing to share your articles in our website, please talk to us.


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