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The 2017-18 application period opened on 10 September and closes on 31 October 2016. Click here to apply. Decisions will be announced at Community Council from January to March 2017. You can find the dates of Community Council meetings here.

Since 2003, the CGS capital programme has helped to transform Southwark from new play opportunities and sports facilities, to community gardens and food growing projects, the programme has supported healthier lifestyles and helped build communities. Fencing and lighting projects have created safer environments and problem spaces prone to anti-social behaviour have been transformed with innovative ideas and designs. Many of these ideas are proposed by local residents through our application process. If you have any questions regarding your application for capital funding, please contact the CGS team.

Funding is available as council managed awards or, for groups that can deliver their idea themselves, as grants.

For examples of some completed projects in your area, click here and choose your area from the list on the left.


Southwark’s community councils welcome ideas put forward by local people to improve their local environment.

How do I apply?

The application period is open from 10 September and closes on 31 October 2016. Please click here to apply.

To apply online you will need an email address. This is so a copy of your application can be emailed to you. If you are unable to apply online please call 0207 525 2665 to request a paper application.

Please see our CGS grants page for more information on applying for and delivering a project yourself.

Decisions on applications will be announced at Community Council meetings in January to March 2017. Applicants will be notified about the outcome of their application by letter after these meetings.

If you have any questions regarding your application for capital funding, please contact the CGS team

By telephone on: 020 7525 2665


Who can apply?

Individuals or constituted groups – but you must live or work in the community council area where you are proposing the scheme.

What ideas will be considered?

CGS capital funding is for permanent, physical improvements. For examples of successful applications, please choose your area from the list on the left.

Examples of suitable ideas

  • Parks, community gardens, landscaping, tree planting and wildlife areas
  • Children’s playgrounds, youth facilities, ball courts and cycle tracks
  • Security measures (such as lighting and fencing), pavements and tackling ‘grot spots’

What is not eligible for funding:

  •  Temporary improvements, community days or workshops
  • CCTV
  •  Internal works on housing property, e.g. security doors, door entry systems, internal communal area decorations. Outside areas open to the general public ARE eligible for funding.
  • Works on private property unless there is a long-term guarantee of public access or a demonstrable public benefit.

If your idea is for temporary improvements, you may be eligible for revenue funding. Groups can apply for the Neighbourhoods Fund in early November 2016 for street cleaning, Community Challenge days where volunteers can get together to brighten up their streets or communal areas e.g. clearing overgrown areas or paths, building planters and window boxes, removing debris from disused land or brightening up areas to make them visible and safe.

For more information on how to apply for the Neighbourhoods Fund, please contact the Community Council team in November by:

Telephone 020 7525 1019


Or visit

You will be advised if your idea is more suitable for revenue funding and you will be asked to make a new application when the programme opens in November 2016. A successful Cleaner Greener Safer application does not guarantee a successful Neighbourhoods Fund application. Please consider this if your project is dependent on revenue funding and identify other sources to make your project viable.

Other sources of funding

Every year, the Southwark Council receives many more applications than it is possible to fund. If your application is unsuccessful, you will be notified by letter.

For other possible sources of funding go to

  www.communitysouthwark.or   United St Saviour’s Charity

For full details, visit



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