Exhibitions by Judith Walker and Drpoesmedia

Cafe Deli Felice exhibitions

Exhibitions by Judith Walker and Drpoesmedia

Cafe Deli Felice at Albion St | 1 Oct – 26 Nov

Cafe Deli Felice presents Judith Walker & Drpoesmedia exhibitions. Both different, both complementary. Judith Walker’s Empathy with a doctor are a series of cartoons that reflect upon her experiences as cartoonist in a hospital. Drpoesmedia’s installation seeks complicity with the visitor while intends to stir their consciences.

Cafe Deli Felice at Albion are an authentic Italian delicatessen and sandwich bar located within walking distance of Rotherhithe & Canada Water overground and tube. But above all, they are a community hub providing a so much needed art space for local artist at the time that many exhibition spaces are closing or are unaffordable. They have an all year around programme of exhibitions by local artists on display that you can come and enjoy whilst drinking an espresso or cappuccino.

Empathy with the Doctor by Judith Walker

Empathy with the doctor by Judith Walker

Empathy with the doctor by Judith Walker

Cartoons by Judith Walker created during her time as cartoonist in residence – whilst shadowing a doctor at a London Teaching Hospital

Judith Walker has drawn cartoons since the eighties. Her cartoon career started when she was Managing Editor of the cult cartoon magazine Duck Soup. She later went on to do a cartoon strip for The Sun newspaper called Men! Which made fun of male Sun readers. More recently she did very different cartoons in her role as the editorial cartoonist for New Humanist magazine.

Her current role as cartoonist in residence at a London teaching hospital has led her to examine the possibility that cartoons could be used to create empathy within healthcare.

Judith’s cartoons have been exhibited in various venues including the Cartoon Museum, London.

She also does illustration work for book covers, theatre posters, magazines and private commissions including birthday cards and invitations.

Judith originally trained as a painter at Central St Martins and New Mexico State University, USA and still continues to work and exhibit her colourful artwork.

  www.judithwalker.co.uk  @judith_walker1  Judith-Walker-376609445793552  Artstack   Cartoons online




What’s in a thought? by Drpoesmedia

What's in a thought? by drpoesmedia

What’s in a thought? by drpoesmedia

What do people think? A question that always hunts me when I look around.
The exhibition requires interaction by people visiting the cafe gallery, they are viewers and part of the installation by adding thoughts to my cartoons in addition to my own drawn thoughts.


Thought / noun /

1. an idea or opinion produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind.

2.the action or process of thinking.

Drawing is an impulsive act for me, as a thought, it expresses a moment in time capturing everything around it. By combining the two things, drawings and curiosity about thoughts, I hope to engage visitors to the café in more ways than just a viewing experience.

My exhibition comprises several “thoughts” in different installations:

Shared thoughts

People who visit the Café Deli Felice can contribute to this collective piece of artwork of many shared thoughts. Each person was asked to share an anonymous thought with the only limitation of being respectful. The display changes so new thoughts are added and other vanish as in our mind.

Manipulated thoughts

Advertisement plays with our minds telling us what’s good or bad for us, luring us to buy or shaping our thoughts to like one brand or another. A simple smiley sticker can distort that interference with our thoughts

A smiley for your thought

How do you feel today? Do we always say what we really think? This work ask people to say how they feel by placing a smiley sticker on headless drawings

Think big Thoughts

Though originally I intended to paint two large canvases in the exhibition, I replaced that idea by displays that will change during the exhibition period; drawings that express emotions therefore the large size expresses the intensity of that thought

Bag a thought

A series of paper bags expressing their own thoughts

The exhibition is an organic event that will change with thoughts being added or large cartoons being swapped by other

  www.drpoesmedia.com  @drpoesmedia  drpoesmedia  drpoesmedia

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