Council to charge £2 to park in Southwark Park from April 2019

All residents and non-residents seeking to park a motor vehicle in parks in Southwark listed below will have to pay £2 per hour from 1st of April 2019. There are currently 90 car parking spaces in Southwark Park, one of the parks to introduce the charge. The new parking charge will be payable by phone, text or app. 1 hour daily will cost users £60 per month. Disabled parking will be free.

The estimated cost of implementing this project is £50,500 (includes 26k allowance for resurfacing and drainage)

Parks in Southwark to charge £2 to park

  • Burgess Park
  • Belair Park
  • Dulwich Park
  • Honor Oak Recreational Ground
  • Peckham Rye and Southwark will
  • Southwark Park

The following stakeholders were sought for their comments: Friends of Southwark Park Concessions/leaseholders in parks, Council Events team, Fields in Trust and Heritage Lottery Fund London

The final decision is not due before 5 Mar 2019 by Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure, Equalities and Communities. You can read the full report PDF below or

Report – Car parking charges in parks or click here to open it (PDF 153 KB)

Summary of design and enforcement principles

  • Controls and charges apply at all times the park and its respective car park is open.
  • A flat rate of £2 per hour via pay by phone which can be easily accessed by app, phone, and text services. This option is already available and widely used by motorists at various car parks and in all parking zones in the borough. On-street, 95% of all transactions are Paybyphone and in our newer parking zones it is 100% as there is no other alternative. The council’s policy is to move to digital by default.
  • Free parking for blue badge holders.
  • No maximum stay period (the existing 4-hour maximum stay in Burgess and Southwark Park will be removed) though long-stay motorists will be discouraged by way of the cost.
  • Enforcement will be Civil Enforcement Officers who will issue Penalty ChargesNotices for vehicles in contravention (e.g. not in marked bays or without paying.The independent appeals process will apply to those wishing to challenge the issue of a PCN.
  • Parking signs and road markings will be kept to absolute minimum to reduce impact on environment and minimise clutter in the park.


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