Vitality Big Half 2019, road closures in Rotherhithe

The Vitality Big Half will take place on Sunday 10th March 2019.Some essential road closures that may affect your location are required as part of The Vitality Big Half route, when up to 15,000 runners will pass through Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Lewisham and Greenwich.Road closures from 07:00 to 14:00on Sunday 10 March

Vitality Big Half Road Closures in Southwark

The information provided in here is supplementary to The Big Half Road Closure Information booklet. Please make sure you have read the booklet, which is available online. To find out more about road closures that may affect you, please use the interactive map

Tooley Street and Jamaica Road

Tower Bridge Road and Tower Bridge will close at 04:00 from the junction of Tooley Street. However, during this year’s event Tooley Street will remain open until 07:00.Jamaica Road will close at 07:00 in an eastbound direction only and will remain open westbound throughout the event. Rotherhithe Tunnel will be open throughout the event and Lower Road from Hawkstone Road is open with the exception of between 12:30 to 13:00.

There are four vehicle crossing points which will allow residents otherwise land locked by the event, access until the times stated.

Residents of the Shad Thames area are required to approach the junction from Jamaica Road eastbound until this crossing point closes at 09:00. Residents of the Mill Street area can use the vehicle crossing point until 09:00. Access is also available via Dockhead and stewards will be present on site to assist the vehicle movement onto Jamaica Road eastbound.

Residents of the Bevington Street area are able to use the vehicle crossing point until 09:05 for access to Jamaica Road eastbound and St James’s Road southbound.Residents of the West Lane area will be permitted access directly over the event route, and able to access Jamaica Road westbound or Southwark Park Road southbound.

The usual left turn only traffic arrangement at this junction will not be in use throughout the event but stewards will assist the movement of vehicles at this junction.

Rotherhithe Peninsula

Roads will close in this area from 07:00 and are due to reopen at 14:00. Access to the peninsula, shopping area and public transport services are available on the event day.

Access to the peninsula is available via Surrey Quays Road and Needleman Street for those residents to the north, and via Lower Road and Neptune Street for residents to the south west of the peninsula.

To assist landlocked residents, there are three vehicle crossing points available which will operate during specific times of the day.

Lower Road

To the north of Hawkstone Road, Lower Road will be open for the majority of the day, providing access to Surrey Quays, the Rotherhithe Tunnel and Jamaica Road (westbound only). Access is also available on Lower Road (southbound) until the junction of Hawkstone Road where traffic will be directed into Hawkstone Road (southbound).

At 12:30, Lower Road will be closed for 30 minutes to facilitate The Little Half, a family-friendly 2.4 mile run, leaving Southwark Park, Lower Road and joining The Vitality Big Half route.

Plough Way

Access to Plough Way while the vehicle crossing point is in operation is available from Bush Road. Our stewards will facilitate traffic movement against the usual one-way traffic system to enable access to and from Plough Way.

Free secure parking

To assist residents of Rotherhithe and Gomm Road, free secure parking is available from 16:00 on Saturday 9 March until 16:00 on Sunday 10 March at Surrey Quays Car Park, Brown Zone, on Surrey Quays Road and Deal Porters Way. A limited number of spaces are also available on a first come, first served basis during the same times for Gomm Road residents only at St Joseph’s Primary School. Please provide proof of address to use these car parks.

Parking Restrictions

If you have a vehicle, please move it off the event route on Saturday 9 March. All parking bays on the route will be suspended and vehicle removal will commence from 05:00 on Sunday 10 March.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or require further assistance please contact our helpdesk on and 0345 894 9773. The helpdesk is open from 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday.The emergency services will operate as normal throughout the event.

Visit the OfficialBigHalf website for further information or follow them on Twitter @OfficialBigHalf

Vitality Big Half route in Southwark
Vitality Big Half route in Southwark

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