London International Film Festival 2016

The London International Short Film Festival 2016

Shortwave Cinema | 27th to 31st October.

The London International Short Film Festival 2016 (LISFF) returns to Shortwave Cinema & Cafe from Thursday 27th to Monday 31st October with 57 films showing over 5 days, LISFF is a showcase of the best short films.

Take a look at the schedules, synopsis and trailers below. You’ll discover a rich and varied selection of films, from documentaries and drama to Sci-Fi and animation.

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Short Film Festival Schedule

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Acceptance – Clive Ashenden

Memory Is A Beach – Fatima Fletcher

‘Memory is a Beach’ is about the futility of looking back to the past in the hope of finding answers to the present where only shape shifting sands are to be found. Below water sequences were filmed with an iPhone 5s in a freezer bag.

La Flamme – Chachee Valentine

A filmmaker explores ritual, anxiety, and obsession ignited by the suicide of Belgian film-maker/artist, Chantal Akerman.

Into The Pocket (Super Short Comics) – Keisuke Matsumoto

Surreal and incongruous variety episodes based on people’s everyday lives.

The Boxer – Nicholas Jessup

A short film starring James Cutler alongside Anthony Houghton, Adele Keating, Joseph Baker and George Dillon. The film also features an original score composed by Rowan Bishop.

Loon – Matt Maloney

A peaceful monk named Po is disturbed by an eruption of urban develoment, transforming a small quiet island of rocks and woods into the electric jungle of modern-day Hong Kong.

833 – Vijay D. Varu

An out of breath Jake manages to catch a bus to work, unbeknown to him it’s the start of a journey towards enlightenment and self discovery. But Jake will need to overcome his own shackles if he is to reach his destination!

Dear John – Peter Vácz

In Dear John, Péter Vácz’s new tale of psychedelic transformation through feline mischief – and also the director’s second collaboration with musical stalwarts James – a couple find their mountain trip waylaid by the discovery of dark secrets deep in the woods. Péter shares how a bigger budget and more forgiving timescale allowed him to gather a talented team of collaborators who helped him expand his ambitions for this colourful story of metamorphosis.

A Lot Meant – Alexander Winterbotham

Old friends Denise and Helen have gone from running bring-and-buy sales to running a Wiltshire-wide drug cartel. But what will happen when competition from local dealers pushes them to their limits?

Dolce Ardor – Andrea Saenz

An Opera Music Video

Thursday, October 27th, Block 2: 7.45pm SOLD OUT

Wedding Anniversary – Bingyen Ti Bobby – Garry Crystal

Bobby – Garry CrystalBlood Money – Emily Knight

Blood Money – Emily Knight

Where Is Hope? – Simon Van Parijs

A once famous journalist being internationally credited, is driven to the edge where he unexpectedly meets a young girl who tries to change his outlook

Amishi – Malinda Kaur

In the heart of London, contractions have started for pregnant Amishi.Reluctant to give birth Amishi heads to the market to buy a blue baby grow.

The Immaculate Misconception – Michael Geoghegan

This is a story about belief, family and honour. Sinead O’Reilly is a pregnant 16-year-old schoolgirl living in West Belfast with her grandparents Daniel and Bronagh O’Reilly. Bronagh is the matriarch of this dysfunctional family and a devout, pious, dour Catholic to boot, who will stop at nothing to maintain her standing in a community that doesn’t want her.

Running Deep – Rianne White

Pick Your Own – Matt Peover

A comedy set on a pick your own fruit orchard in Hampshire, written by and starring Adam Byron with Sophie Robinson, shot by the excellent Peter Bathurst.

A Couple – David Steiner

Three minutes in the life of a couple.

Orhan – Günalp Koçak

A young immigrant returns back to the city of his forgotten love to find out he has a son.

Little Beatle – Berin Tuzli?

Fake It – Tzurit Hartzion

Sad comedy about love and separation, not necessarily in that order…

Light Drifter – Yu-Ting Cheng

Light Drifter by Yu-Ting Cheng is a 2D animation that uses a flowing pastel and watercolor style to tell a poetic visual narrative based on the filmmaker’s childhood nighttime sleepwalks. Created at the intersection of dreams and reality, the audience is lead on an imaginary journey through mysterious spaces that are shaped by light.

Private Waltz – Marina Waltz

A lonely doll maker discovers his latest creation has come to life. He can finally have the perfect woman who can be everything he has been dreaming of: mother, lover, confidant. – But his joy turns to fear as he realizes that his doll is a feminist who is hell bent on destroying her creator. Be careful what you wish for.

Lamentation – Kirk Kelley

All They Know Is Shoot – Anike Bay

This is the first Official Anti-Police Brutality Protest Music Video which showcases different segments of injustices that occurs daily in the United States of America and throughout the world between police and innocent citizens like you and me…

La Belle Folie – Ruth Pickett

A comedy short film by Emmy-nominated Writer/Director Ruth Pickett. A desperate actress attempts to make a black-and-white french language film, in order to convince her agent that she’s good enough at french to put her up for an audition. She ropes in her dad, her best friend, and her dad’s friend Mr Harris. It doesn’t go well.

What Are You Waiting For? – SC Durkin

A critical birthday spurs a man to reevaluate of his life and choices. Rekindling his childhood love of skateboarding, he finds the challenge and commitment that his lonely adult life has been lacking.

Saturday, October 29th, Block 1: 6.00pm

Empty Box Of Wine – Michael C. Perry

An ephemeral love, timelessly bound by their music. Everything evolves. Where does this take Jour and Amalia? This musical short examines the romantic complications between two musicians in the rainy streets of San Francisco. The film is directed by Los Angeles based filmmaker and musical artist, Michael C. Perry, combining animation, multimedia and traditional filmmaking to capture the timber of love, song and change.

Ladies First – Matthew Steggles

‘Ladies First’ is a short period drama set in 1919, focusing on a young couple challenging gender equality as a social norm.

Otter Of The Underground – Christina Benenati

When their gold mine experiences a mysterious power outage, Otter and Mole’s journey to restore the mine spirals into a wild adventure!

La Hesperia – Hollie Abbott

A short documentary about organic food production, conservation and sustainability in the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest.

Prize winning at Barnes Film Festival 2016 and nominated for London International Short Film Festival 2016.

Old Folks – Jag Singh

Old Folks is a short documentary film expressing the life lessons learnt by the older generation and what they hope to pass down to the young.

Jade Dragon – Joseph Brett

If you thought Exodus was accurately cast and that Aloha was too ethnically diverse, this might not be the film for you.

Deadly Dinner Date – Lucyus Andrade

Steve has an unusual ability, but it comes with a painful price.

About This Girl – Yeganeh Abyareh

A coming-of-age story about a young Iranian girl facing difficulties in becoming accepted the way she is by the people around her.

<h3Saturday, October 29th, Block 2 Sci-Fi / Horror: 7.45 pm

MC7-1 – Martin Doyle

Desperate for money and facing deportation from London, Valda is hired to find and retrieve a data card from a missing Task Handler who is presumed dead.

Autonomous – George Varotsis

When a mistrustful rogue, who earns a living by sending “obsolete” humanoid robots to the scrap heap, has a change of heart and decides it’s time to call it quits, he stumbles upon a conspiracy that will reveal his life’s darkest secret.

Dead Wrong – Emily Haigh

A teenage girl tormented by the death of her parents, finds solace in strangers to deal with her spiralling grief.

Lex Talionis – Bhanu Pratap Singh

Two criminals, a man left for dead, his undead wife and an abandoned house…

Shutter – Robert Mueller

Mark, an aspiring photographer, who witnesses a murder, tries to sell the pictures he took of the scene to an editorial department.

Grace – Tomas Mankovsky

Tomas Mankovsky’s short film was inspired by a chilling and creepy true story. In 1997, a missing father and his son that were found dead 15 days after their car crash a car crash. The odd thing was that the boy had lipstick marks on his lips, which was applied AFTER his death.

TOTAL LOSS – Simon Hatton

A grieving couple seek closure on their daughter’s death through the powers of a psychic. But not everything is what it seems…

Monday, October 31st, Block 1: 6.00 pm

The Art Of Beard Grooming – Cabell Hopkins

Kinda Blue: Project “Hello!” Redux – Eunkyung Ko

A film that explores the world through a child’s eyes. A fantastical world where magic and reality collide to make for an entirely new experience!

Eyes of St John – Carlo Nero

A documentary about St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group, highlighting the tireless effort made every day, across the Israeli-Palestinian divide, by their team of medical staff who provide vital eye care in a region of the world where blindness is ten times higher than in the West.

After The Mass – Sofia Afinogenova

An existential dilemma of a religious man

Naked Truth – Mark Kozlowski

A film capturing all the emotions, feelings and thoughts the first moment you sleep with someone.

Room Tone – Raphael Chipperfield

On the set of a high end fashion shoot, everyone is stressed and the stakes are high. When the sound recordist realises he has lost his recordings, he is forced to take drastic measures to try and save his job.

Chicago Toccata & Fugue – Geoff Tompkinson

The City of Chicago becomes a light show to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.Toccata and fugue in D-minor.

Smart Dress Is Absolutely Essential – Slawomir Milewski

The film is a study for a larger work that refers to the Bataille-esque theme of transgression and retaining that which is transgressed.

Divine Spell – Payson R. Stevens

A videopoem meditation on the beauty of the Natural world and its power to draw us in with mesmerizing change of shape and form.

I Am Not A Mouse – Evgenia Golubeva

Every time Lucy is called ‘Mouse’ by her Mum, she turns into a real mouse! What is Lucy going to do?

Big Star – Sara Cross

As he prepares for the biggest opportunity of his career, a closeted movie actor must choose between superstardom and the love of his life.

Cheatin’ – Derek Reckley

Limpiadores – Fernando Mitjans


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