National Hate Crime Awareness Week Event in South Bermondsey – Fri 16 Oct 2020

On Friday 16th October 2020, the local South Bermondsey Police team will be taking part of the nationwide events to campaign for the Hate Crime Awareness Week with a stall at The Blue Market from 11am to 2pm.

A week of action to encourage local authorities (police and councils) to work with key partners (anti -hate groups and organisations) and communities affected by hate crime to tackle local issues.

Wherever you live around the UK, come and get involved in the national movement to bring people together, to say no to all forms of hate crime and work together to make our communities safer for everyone

Remember those we have lost and those who need our ongoing support. Organise, register and attend hate crime awareness events. Download free resources and create and share your own HOPE Campaigns.


Hate Crime Awareness

Making sure everyone knows what hate crime is, what impact it has on our communities, and how we can work together to prevent it

Operational Responses

Understand how the police respond to hate crime, and think how we can prepare ourselves, our loved ones, our communities to be ready to respond as well.

Preventing Hate crime

Making sure we learn from previous hate crime attacks so that we can prevent them happening again

Empowering Communities

Ensuring local authorities consult, resource and involve our communities in the development and delivery of local hate crime action plans.

Get involved, let’s keep it safe for all.

Visit the National Hate Crime Awareness Week for resources, downloadable material and links to other organisations | @nationalhcaw | #NationalHCAW

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