Norway National Day at Southwark Park 2016

Norway Day Celebration in Southwark Park
Norway Day Celebration in Southwark Park

Norway National Day (Southwark Park)

Southwark Park is the background to celebrate the Norway National Day as in previous years with special events at the Norwegian Church in Albion Street in Rotherhithe prior to the main activities in the park.

You should expect a good turnout to the event; everyone is welcome to join happy Norwegians and all their friends all day long to commemorate the Norwegian Constitution Day.

Norway National Day Program:

(Here in WISE16, we haven’t passed our proficiency level in Norwegian yet so expect a few mistakes)

There will activities prior to the start of the celebration in the park.

The Norwegian School in London

  • 8:45 The event at The Norwegian School in London opens
  • 9:00 hoist of the flag.
  • 9:30 May 17 breakfast at school.
  • 11.00 Bus departure from school to Southwark Park.

The Norwegian Seamen’s Church

  • 11:00 to 12:15 Fest Liturgy of the Norwegian Seamen’s Church.
  • 12:15 Church Coffee.
  • 12.30 Bondi and Vettre school band playing outside the church and leads the way to the park.

Celebration in Southwark Park

  • 10:00 May 17th Breakfast with ANSA. Scandinavian Kitchen tent opens. Hoist of the flag with “17 maikomiteens” leader Kåre Sivertsen and Erlend Tveite.
  • 12.00 Southwark Park opens and all the stalls are up. Entrance via Jamaica Road opposite Cathay Street (Christchurch Gate Entrance) and from roundabout towards the Norwegian Church in Albion Street (Paradise Gate entrance).
  • Admission £ 1 per person including a ticket (including children). This is due to the registration of the number of visitors at the event.
  • 12.00 Theatrical performance: “The dark knight rescue” by Erlend Tveite.
  • 13.00 Welcome and info day at the head of the May 17 Committee Kåre Sivertsen.
  • 13.05 Sing «Ja vi elsker» with singer Martin Enger Holm.
  • 13.10 soloist with Martin Enger Holm
  • 13.15 to 14.00 Mai Tog
  • 14.00 Sing “Norway in red, white and blue” with forsangere from “Olaf Choir”.
  • 14.05 Introduction of the keynote speech v / Mona Juul.
  • 14.10 Main Voice v / Defense Ine M. Eriksen Søreide.
  • 14.30 to 16.00 Traditional “17maileker” withThe Norwegian School.
  • 14.30 Musical performance by the school choir at The Norwegian School.
  • 14.45 Speech by Thea Blåsternes and Lovise Shown from 10th grade ( The Norwegian School)
Entrances to the Norway Day Celebration in Southwark Park
Entrances to the Norway Day Celebration in Southwark Park
  • 14.50 Musical performance from Seamen’s Church familiekor.
  • 14.55 Speech with Olivia Huseby-Hansen and David Wynn-Evans ( Saturday School)
  • 15.00 Musical entertainment with Simon Brix.
  • 15.30 Info.
  • 15.45 Musical entertainment with Swing ‘it’ Dixie Band.
  • 16.15 Info.
  • 16.30 Musical entertainment with Solberg.
  • 17.15 The event end


  • 19.00 Evening events: Gala Dinner in the The Norwegian club, party night at the Seamen’s Church and ANSA’s student event. See website for more details.

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Programme in Norwegian language
Programme in Norwegian language

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