Sands Films Studios presents Free Live Stream Jazz Concert

Sunday 22nd March, 20.30, Believe in the importance of the Arts!

As all concerts and public performances are cancelled, Sands Films and The Vortex Jazz Club are joining their resources to deliver a free concert on Sunday 22nd March as a live stream on line at 20.30.

Vortex Jazz Club Free live stream concert

Believe in the importance of the Arts!

Elina Duni is a Swiss-Albanian singer. Having been signed to ECM Records since 2012, her hallmark combination of traditional Albanian folk songs and jazz has lead to worldwide critical acclaim. For this latest project, she is joined by guitarist & BBC New Generation Artist Rob Luft, acclaimed as one of the rising stars of London’s flourishing contemporary jazz scene. Luft’s playing incorporates echoes of West African high-life, Celtic folk and textural minimalism, and his joyously original sound finds an ideal counterpart in Elina Duni’s vocals. Together with special guest Fred Thomas, who joins them on piano, percussion & banjo, they steer us on a journey through timeless folk songs which still resonate so truly today.

Elina Duni, Rob Luft and Fred Thomas


  • Elina Duni – Voice
  • Rob Luft – Electric Guitar
  • Fred Thomas – Piano, Banjo, Drum Kit

Watch and listen:

Click on any of the links below to watch the live stream

The Vortex Jazz Club and Sands Films have cancelled all screenings and events. This situation is likely to last for weeks or months; alternative way to keep going have to be developed: this is our first experiment, join us and support us, DONATE if you can.

Please, keep in touch using Sands Films Studios mailing list or feel free to contact them with ideas and suggestions.

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