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Tuned In London – Autumn/Winter 2017

The new collection of rhythms and sounds of the TunedIn London Autumn/Winter programme brings fantastic artists to Sands Studios in Rotherhithe for another season of intimate music gigs. The venue offers a unique experience  to experience music like no other place can do. It is also worth mentioning how affordable tickets are in a London where everything is, just “London prices”.

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Tuned In London Upcoming events


Wed 22nd September, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), Sands Films

From the Scottish Highlands to France and back again, singer songwriter Siobhan Wilson is known for her heartbreaking voice and devastating lyrics. Her new album offers a brooding and melodic side to her beautifully orchestrated songs, charting through moments of intense emotions, deep thoughts and blissful memories. With dreamlike vocals and simple arrangements, “She can silence a crowd with little more than a whisper.” (Daily Record)

  Siobhan Wilson’s website


Thu 28th Sep, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), Main Stage, Sands Films

The 100th anniversary of the birth of the revered Chilean singer songwriter Violeta Parra is being marked by Chilean communities around the world. Fellow Chilean Natalia Garcia Huidobro (dance & choreography) brings to London her traditional flamenco homage, by interpreting Violeta’s unfinished work “El Gavilan” or “Sparrowhawk”. Early in her career, “Violeta de Mayo” sang zambras, farrucas and sevillanas with a company in Santiago for which she was awarded her first ever prize. Accomplished flamenco artists Jose Almarcha (guitar), Javier Macias (voice) & Demi Garcia Sabat (percussion) accompany.

This event is supported by the Embassy of Chile to the United Kingdom and by the Anglo-Chilean Society.


Wed 18th Oct, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), Sands Films

Jean Paul Samputu sings in six languages and in styles ranging from soukous and rhumba, to traditional Rwandan 5/8, Afrobeat, pygmy and gospel. Winner of the Kora Award (the “African Grammy”) in 2003, he travels the world as a cultural ambassador, bringing to his audiences not only traditional African singing, dancing and drumming, but also a message of peace and reconciliation. A survivor of the genocide in Rwan

  Jean Paul Samputu’s Website


Wed 1st Nov, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), Sands Films

Uxía, ‘the voice of the Atlantic’, much-loved ambassador of Galician music & poetry, lends her powerful, earthy vocals to renew Galician traditional music connecting it with other Atlantic cultures: Galician alalas blend with morna, fado & Brazilian rhythms. She’ll be joined by Brazilian Sérgio Tannus (guitar, viola caipira, Brazilian pandeiro).

  Uxía’s website


Wed 15th Nov, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), Sands Films

One of Scotland’s most influential musical figures, Mary Ann Kennedy, has stepped forward as a solo artist after a 30 year career with ‘An Dàn’, an album of original Gaelic songs. Urban Gael, now Highland resident, Mary Ann’s music is the modern-day voice of this her native language: stories & people brought to life with passion & contemporary relevance.

  Mary Ann Kennedy’s website


Wed 29th Nov, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), Sands Films

Tell Tale Tusk Quartet are an ensemble that reimagines folktales old & gives light to folktales new. With a nod to the sailing of the Mayflower, nearly 400 years ago, they combine their award-winning 3-part vocal harmonies with melodious instrumentals. Expect highly crafted harmonies, virtuosic voice blending and creative license.

  Tale Tusk Quartet’s website



Sat 9th Dec, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), St Mary’s Church, Rotherhithe

A sparkling, candlelit programme including gems from the Baroque repertoire such as the Bach Double violin concerto, Corelli Christmas Concerto, juxtaposed with the heat of Argentinian Tango with the Piazzolla’s ‘Four Seasons of Buenos Aires’. Acclaimed violinists Harriet Mackenzie and Philippa Mo, both Londoners, perform regularly around the world, and in this performance bring their exquisite playing to Philippa’s own neighbourhood.

  Harriet’s website   Philippa’s page on their Retorica duo website



Wed 13th Dec, 7.45pm (doors 7.15pm), Sands Films

An eclectic fusion of international & Greek musicians with roots from traditional Greek folk to classical and jazz. Known for their own arrangements of music by Theodorakis, Hadjidakis and Xarhakos featuring a fusion of classical stringed instruments with Greek traditional ones, they celebrate rebetiko music that emerged in the 20s and ranges from anti-establishment songs and laments to beautifully melodic love songs.


Getting there

Nearest station: Rotherhithe Overground 2 mins
Buses: 381, C10, 188, 47

About Tuned In London

Music is intrinsic to the London arts scene; a visit to the West End is a testimony to the rich tradition of musicals, opera, concerts in the many theatres and there are plenty of gigs and street buskers entertaining the busy crowds in town with their melodies and sounds. Other parts of London have been appreciated for adding something to that music scene yet many may not associate Rotherhithe, in its quiet south-of-the-river location, as a place to enjoy and listen to artists from around the world.

Eleanor Thorn, of what has now become Tuned In London, changed the music scene in Rotherhithe when she set up and ran the music programme at the Brunel Museum. After a successful she moved across the street to Sands Films Cinema, where she continues to bring us the very best of independent, international music. Eleanor is herself a local resident, passionate about music and a strong believer in what Rotherhithe has to offer the arts scene, especially when it comes to music.

Her dedication has allowed audiences to appreciate a wide range of music styles from Great Britain, Europe and beyond: indeed from many far flung parts of the world. The unique performance spaces that Sands Films Studios provides adds the perfect backdrop to the concerts: the music can be enjoyed in a supremely cosy and intimate environment, which only enhances the enjoyment of the experience.  @TunedInLDN


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