TunedIn London presents Ösp’s Tales From A Poplar Tree Album Launch

Ösp Eldjárn Kristjánsdóttir Gig


TunedIn London presents Ösp’s Tales From A Poplar Tree Album Launch

Tuned In London recently celebrated five years of bringing top quality world, folk and roots music to Rotherhithe, first at the Brunel Museum and now at Sands Films, where gig-goers will find the most exquisite and surprising sofa-filled cinema (and whatsmore be served tea and coffee at no extra charge).

Embassy of IcelandCome to a gig and be prepared to savour the rhythms of the world (France, Spain, India, Nepal, China and Japan and many other countries in between and beyond) in the comfort and intimacy of this enchanting place.

We are especially excited about Ösp’s gig as it is the first time Tuned In are hosting an album launch: her début – an important occasion in any singer songwriter’s career and are delighted that the Embassy of Iceland will be supporting the event. Ösp, along with two members of her band, are Rotherhithe residents so we hope for a good local turnout to support her and discover her beautiful music.

Ösp Eldjárn Kristjánsdóttir

Ösp grew up in a valley in North of Iceland with her musical family. Together they would play folk and traditional music and perform professionally together across the country.

She was part of a band called Brother Grass and they released two albums together which has had an airplay on BBC Radio.

After studying classical singing and jazz singing, Ösp moved to the city of London in the autumn of 2011 to pursue a solo career. Inspired by the vocals of Ella Fitzgerald, the stories of Joni Mitchell and by her own nordic folk roots, she began to write her own songs and for the past year she has been performing in various music venues and festivals in the UK and Iceland with her band.

WISE16 had the chance to interview Ösp who will be presenting her new album ‘Tales From A Poplar Tree’ on Wednesday 22th March at Sands Films Studios in Rotherhithe

Ösp Eldjárn Kristjánsdóttir

How does it feel to live in Rotherhithe compared to the farm Tjörn in Svarfaðardalur where you grew up?

London and Svarfaðardalur couldn’t be more different! But I do love this area around Canada Water. It’s close to the river and there are some lovely parks with nice trees that I can hug when the city gets overwhelming!

Your parents are both musicians and singers, is music in the family DNA?

Well my mother says it’s the water in the valley that makes everyone so musical in the area. There is a strong singing community where I am from, in an area of 2000 people there are at least 3 choirs!

Ösp Eldjárn Kristjánsdóttir 2What do they think of your solo career?

Having grown up singing and performing with my parents it wasn’t a surprise to them that I should choose this path. They are extremely supportive and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing if it weren’t for them!

Tell us about your project to build a studio in the family barn in Iceland?

We have had this dream for a while now, to open some sort of a culture farm. My dad is a mountain hiking guide and has been doing that for over 20 years. We want to combine nature, music and other forms of  art together and invite people to come and stay at the farm. We will be renovating the barn and the old cow shed and turn them into art space.

How would you describe your music style?

I would say it’s cinematic, nordic indie folk.

In 2010, along with your brother and close friends you were part of a band called Brother Grass. How was that experience?

It was a wonderful time. We toured all over Iceland during the summer time and played for people of all ages. We went to small villages, played in a stable, on a whale watching ship, in a barn with a goat on the stage, you name it. We made two albums, our first album we recorded in one day, 26 songs in 10 hours!

How have names such as Ella Fitzgerald or Joni Mitchell come to merge with your Icelandic background?

I fell in love with Ella and Joni when I was about 16 or 17 and later on I went on to study jazz singing, and you can clearly hear the input that Ella Fitzgerald had on me when I sing the jazz standards. So when I started writing my own songs the vocals of Ella and the lyrics of Joni definitely influenced me together with my own folky background.

Let’s talk about your album Tales From a Poplar Tree, which you’ll be presenting at Sands Films on 22nd of March, what does it mean in your career?

It’s my first solo album. So it means a lot! It’s been a journey! I started writing songs about 7 years ago, and this album is the result of 5 years of living in London. It’s a great sense of accomplishment when you get the CD in your hands. And it makes me want to do more!

How does it feel to play in a unique space such as Sands Films?

It’s such a unique and wonderful place and I feel it’s the perfect venue for my music. Tuned In London promotes music from all over the world so I feel right at home.

If you would like to listen to the incredible voice and music of Ösp, book your ticket below

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For more information about  Ösp’s work, check out these links.

  www.ospmusic.is  @osp_eldjarn  OspEldjarn


Sands Films StudiosThis event is organised by TunedIn London in collaboration with Sands Films Studios.


At Sands Films, performances are usually held in the sofa-filled cinema on the ground floor. Occasionally they are held in the upstairs theatre. If you require wheelchair access we advise you to contact us to check the location before purchasing.

Tea and coffee is included in your ticket. There is no bar at Sands Films Studio though the are two pubs nearby: The Mayflower Pub just across the road and The Ship (only 3 minutes away)

Sands Films Studios, 82 St Marychurch Street, Rotherhithe, SE16 4HZ

  www.tunedin.london  @TunedInLDN  tunedin.london


Disclaimer: the information provided is subject to changes or cancellation. Always check the official website.

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Tuned In London Music in Rotherhithe

Tuned In London Music in Rotherhithe
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